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  1. Before optimization, Whether DOE test design is necessary? Is this the cause of the error in the middle of the optimization? Whether Hyperstudy can optimize the fitted curve or surface after FIT?
  2. Can anyone help solve this problem,?hurry, thank you
  3. Hi,@Rahul R, I have upgraded the software version from 2017.2 to 2019.1, but the same problem still occurs. I am very confused and do not know what to do. There were no problems in the first 12 calculations, and then an error was reported. After I opened the model file that was reported, I found that the angle of the composite layer changed to 50 and the thickness of the layer changed to 60.12. here is.study file。 Study_1.hstudy I'm in a hurry and don't know what to do。
  4. Thank you @Mavrudieva Thank you very much for your answer, I recently recalculated it using Hyperstudy2019, and I have a doubt Why is there a test model option in each section? Is n’t it a waste of time, can I skip the test model option, and there is no hyperstudy2019 tutorial or Case? Thanks
  5. No, I want to make the above speed curve smoother, just like the speed curve in Hyperview. As shown in the figure below, is there a function that can smooth the curve?
  6. How to smooth the above speed curve in Hyperstudy? This is an urgent problem to be solved. Thank you
  7. Hi, @Rahul R I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time. my Velocity curve is too turbulent,as picture 2, I don't know how to set the filter function? How to add a filter function when setting the response in Hyperstudy, Can Hyperstudy implement filtering?
  8. Hi ,@Rahul R The solver in the above tutorial is Optistruct, can this optimization method be applied to Ls-Dyna? In addition, there are only 4 types of composite layups, and the final optimal layup order can only be derived from the four layup sequences set previously. The composite layer I want to use is too much to be listed in the tutorial. Is it possible to optimize automaticly the layup thickness and layup order like Optistruct?
  9. How to solve this problem, is it related to the software version? Where can I download the latest version of hyperworks?
  10. Hi, @Rahul R I imported the .k file of the problem model into hypermesh, and the error shown in the figure appears. Why is this problem? how to solve this problem?
  11. Thank you, Is it possible to send the .tpl file to you, and check if it is wrong, but my .tpl file is too large to upload, is there any other way to send it to you? Why can't I find the MAXFAIL option?
  12. @Rahul Raj Thank you very much The optimization algorithm I used is ARSM.and set the ignore failed evaluation. like figure 1 But when the invalid iteration is more than 10 times,like figure 2. the optimization is automatically terminated. My .tpl file is too large to upload, and I don't know how to solve this urgent problem.
  13. Hi,@Rahul R I have encountered a very difficult problem. When performing Hyperstudy and Dyna optimization, there is no problem with nominal run, but after each iteration of more than 10 times, I will report the error and terminate the calculation. I am very anxious and confused. I don’t know what to do, I can help me check the model? Study_1.xml messag
  14. Thank you @ Rahul R Here I have a question. When setting up a parameterization file, there is an option Attach to when defining the design variable. Is it possible to associate the design variable with this, which is different from establishing the Link ?
  15. Thank you,@ Rahul R HS-1060 is a variable connection between different models. What I want to achieve is how to link two variables in the same model.
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