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  1. @Rahul R I tried many times,always EXPRESSION ERROR,like the picture shows, Can you give me some help?Thank you
  2. in my optimization model, the intrusion amount and intrusion speed of the B-pillar are used as constraints. The intrusion amount is measured by measuring the amount of intrusion of the B-pillar by reading the deformation amount of the spring element by providing a spring element between the left and right B-pillars. But how to output the deformation of the spring element in Hyperstudy-Dyna,
  3. Hi,The optimization objective in the Hs-1560 tutorial is the total quality. I don't know how to set the total mass of some of these parts to the optimization objective, not the total mass of all parts. Can Hyperstudy-dyna achieve this goal? In order to achieve the minimum weight of the B-pillar under the collision condition of the vehicle, how to set the optimization objective in Hyperstudy,
  4. Yes,Its the first Dyna Hyperstudy,the version is 2017.2. I can't find .hstx file,where is it ? can you provide some relevant tutorials or examples? thank you
  5. Where can I find some relevant tutorials or examples? Thank you
  6. just like picture
  7. In the approaches folder does not have the desired file, please have related tutorials or examples, except HS-1560
  8. Hi,Rahul R,Thank you。 I follow the Hs-1560 tutorial. As in the fourth picture, the required files do not appear. and there is a serious problem. Whenever you click the Directory button in Hyperstudy, the software will crash and exit. I don't know why, is there a tutorial or a case?
  9. Hi I follow the HS-1560 tutorial to learn Hyperstudy step by step. When proceeding to the fourth step Perform the Nominal Run, after executing Evaluate Tasks, I found that the files in the following figure are not generated in the directory. I don't know why?
  10. Hi,Pranav Hari, I want to create a component that uses symmetry mirroring to duplicate element, For example, I want to copy some units from component 1 to component 2, and the copied unit has symmetry with the original unit. Can you achieve this? thank you
  11. Hi,I have a simple question, how can I duplicate the element,? thank you
  12. Hi ,I have a question, In size optimization, how to set the average of the displacements of multiple nodes as design constraints, can optistruct achieve this goal?
  13. Thank you @Ivan I tried Non—linear transient analysis,but it runs very slowly,After running for several hours, there is still no result. I don't know where is wrong.here is .fem file,original_steel_supress.fem. could you check and modify it?thank you by the way,the model you provide amasker_radioss1.hm seems to Incomplete,
  14. I am sorry that 1000KN is not use,I forget to delete it,the useful load is supress load collector,overall 20000N,just one compress case. here is update .fem file
  15. @Rahul R I con't find the latest version,and try many times,but I don't solve it,here is my .fem file
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