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  1. Amasker

    Displacement load

    It‘s very grateful,your suggestion is helpful, @Ivan ,@Rahul R There is still a small problem here, which makes me very confused. I originally applied a forced displacement of 80mm in the direction of the dof2 y axis, but the analysis result is that the rigid body has a large displacement along the x-axis direction. I don’t understand what went wrong. here is .fem file , can you give me some suggestion? steel_20KN_SPCD.fem steel_20KN_SPCD.h3d And how to extract the value of specific energy absorption instead of cloud image?
  2. Amasker

    Displacement load

    Thank you@Ivan, There is still a problem here in the example shared by @Rahul R,In Optistruct, how to set a cylinder created by myself as a rigid body and apply speed, I want to extract the contact force generated during the collision, and the rigid wall inside Optistruct cannot extract the contact force. Or in an explicit nonlinear dynamics analysis, can RW in load steps use other geometry as a rigid wall? I did a simple example,but there is no contact force in .h3d file,can you check it?thanks in advance following is.fem file plate_yuanzhu_SPCD_PID.fem
  3. Amasker

    Displacement load

    Thanks,@Rahul R I am so sorry I don't express it clearly,I want to apply a uniform displacement=80mm to the rigid cylinder in the Y—axis direction winthin 0.2s,like this but I don't know how to make it by Optistruct?
  4. Amasker

    Displacement load

    Thanks,@Rahul R I use SPCD card for a simple example,but it doesn't work, I am puzzled why? plate_tension_SPCD.fem
  5. Amasker

    Dynamic optimization

    Hi, I recently used Optistruct to optimize the design under dynamic loading (collision), but I don't quite understand the optimization principle and process under dynamic collision. For example, I used the maximum displacement of a node as the maximum constraint, and found that the .out file is shown below.There are 20 subcases ,and 20 displacement responses,why? here is .out file. Is there any related reference tutorial? disp140mm_AMS_OPT.out
  6. Amasker

    Displacement load

    Hi,I have a question, In Optistruct, how to apply a displacement load on a cylindrical rigid wall to simulate a three-point bending test like following picture? Thanks in advance。
  7. Amasker

    Optistruct Question

    @Rahul R for example ,in one .out file,show following messages: Subcase Compliance Epsilon 1 1.013027E+06 7.683663E-06 may I get the specific stiffness value like compliance = 1.013027E+06 by Optistruct? or,how to calculate the stiffness value by compliance value? thank you.
  8. Amasker

    Optistruct Question

    Thank you @Rahul R It's helpful, I have another question,how to get stiffness value in the bending case?
  9. Amasker

    Optistruct Question

    Hi, I have learned Optistruct for some days,there is a question about Optistruct, How to use Optistruct to optimize at the same time under two load conditions, for example, a component is optimally designed under tension and is also optimally designed under bending? That is to say,Optimization under two load conditions, that is, how to make the design optimal under tension and optimum under bending conditions. Thanks.
  10. Amasker

    Display Manager™

    Hi, How to use the high performance cloud computing platform in the figure below? I need some help, thanks
  11. Amasker

    Display Manager

    Hi, how to use the high performance cloud computing platform in the figure below? I need some advices,thanks
  12. Optistruct seems to be able to do some simple collision simulations.
  13. Hi, I did a simple collision simulation using Optistruct and the results in the time velocity curve are shown below。 Why is there no trend for speed increase and then decrease? Then, I don't understand why this speed is so high, How to set the collision time in Optistruct, just like in Radioss or Ls-dyna, Need to establish contact between the rigid wall and the collision body? Regards
  14. Amasker


    @Prakash Pagadala In the.0001 file ,the error messages details shows following, ERROR : NEGATIVE STIFFNESS NODE Could you give me some advice ? How to solve this kind of question?thank you