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    random wires

    Hi How can I create a large number of random wires using CADFEKO (i.e. arbitrary lengths and orientations). Something similar to a spherical chaff cloud. Thanks, Husam
  2. I have a model which was created using FEKO version 2017.2 but I am running an older version 2017.1. I encountered an error every time I was trying to open the CADFEKO file or trying to import the mesh due to the incompatibility of the FEKO version. Is there a way to fix this rather than upgrading the current version? Thanks
  3. I still do not see any movement. I read the files and more control parameters are given. For example, if I need to raise up the right hand, how can this be done?? Can you provide me with more illustrative answers please. Thanks,
  4. How can I move the human phantom model using EditFEKO (let's say the right arm)?
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