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  1. Hi I am still getting the same error and I installed like you told can you please help me with this? oml Error: error when executing 'C:\Users\kbrm\AppData\Local\Temp\Tempdir_dX2Ugm\simport.bat': simport warning: xml deep ast to xml explicit ast: dropping "Object" implementation section item simport warning:
  2. Hi, Thank you so much its working Regards Lokesh
  3. Thank you so much for the video and document. I have some doubts is it compulsory to give matlab file? coz i have only Simulink file and also what is that result log file? i am getting this error Error: can not open 'C:\Users\lokesk\AppData\Local\Temp\Tempdir_NzrkAy\simport.bat': Permission denied in function execute_command at line number 148 in file simport_import_to_oml.oml please help me with this Thanks
  4. Hi, I have some models in Simulink. How do I open those in Activate. Kindly,Help me with this Thank you
  5. Hi, I want to create a output for the optimization of suspension linkage. I got the all the inputs but I am not able to create the outputs.
  6. HI, I created the contacts and gave the input motion but both the gears are not rotating completely Can you please check with this Spur_Gear.mdl
  7. hi, I modeled a gear and want to find out angular velocity of the gear, how to do that,should I include any expression and how to do with that Thank you Simple_50teeth_gear_model.h3d Simple_50teeth_gear_model.mdl
  8. now i rectified the error but now this is the error i am facing previously, so my doubt why Hex mesh is not solving in optistruct. and then i tried to change into Tet mesh and solved, the model is solving the problem is with Hex mesh? why? please help me with this sir @Prakash Pagadala @Ivan @Rahul R CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.fbi CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.fem CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.hm CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.out CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.stat hwsolver.mesg
  9. and also previously i used to have my models with same ID at that time they got solved, now i am facing the error
  10. i changed still i am getting the same error please check and help me with this CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.fem CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.hm CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.out CONROD_Altair_Dis_ABAQUS.stat hwsolver.mesg
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