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  1. Hi, by browsing the reference guide, i found that the CFAILURE card also theoretically should support solid elements referencing PCOMPLS or PSOLID with MAT9 for linear static analysis. However, i cant find any way of specifying additional material parameters e.g. yield limits for MAT9. The reason i would like to use this is that i'm modeling a part wich has a transition area from a thin shell, modeled with PCOMPP to a area that can't be modeled this way due to it's thickness. Therefore i would like to model this area as solid, either by using PCOMPLS or even preferrably PSOLID with MAT9. Is it even possible to calculate composite failure for those PSOLID elements, as specified in the reference guide The version i'm using is Hyperworks 2019 student edition. A sample of what i'm trying to acchieve (yellow: PCOMPP, red: PSOLID):
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