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  1. Thank you for the reply ! The problem was related to the dimensions of the model. I did not scale the model properly when exporting from Hypermesh to Acuconsole. Regarding your comment, I have made some simulations with only the Nodal Boundary Conditions set and the simulation ran. Do you think that this can originate some problems? Best, Ricardo
  2. Thanks, here are the files you requested: Hope they are enough setup_10.1.Log setup_10.inp
  3. Hello, I have just come across this error message when running an AcuSolve simulation: What can this be related about? And how could I come to fix it? Thanks in advance, Ricardo Oliveira
  4. Thanks for the reply ! It was very helpfull. Using the NBC type Linear, I see that I must input the array desired and I can do this with a .dat file previously generated, exactly what I needed ! Best, Ricardo Oliveira
  5. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to define a velocity profile as a boundary condition in AcuSolve (using either Hypermesh in the AcuSolve user profile or AcuConsole). Basically I need to define a boundary layer at my inlet, and would like to control its shape as I please. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Ricardo
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