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  1. Hi, thank you. I received the email but I'm waiting for Altair server to obtain my license in Altair 2017 since I can not open the file.
  2. really?? the file has already been shared? I do not see where it is. And how have you solved it? Thank very much!
  3. Hi, I see, it's a complexity geometry. I'm trying to modify it to see if I can mesh it. I am also reading in order to perform some new technic because I'm a little lost in the topic. In abaqus I can mesh the geom but the quality is not so good and then the time process is so high. I think if I improve the mesh I'll get better time calculation. I appreciate your help and I'm waiting for new tipps.
  4. did you receive my file Prakash Pagadala?
  5. Okey, when I will be at home, I'll pass it.(this afternoon but maybe for you it's tomorrow because I'm in Spain and in India is GMT + 5.30 jaja) I don't have it on this computer. I'm highly surprised of the power of Hypermesh. I think I'll use it for all my PhD. (I'm starting right now ...) Thank you very much!
  6. Hi, I would like to mesh with Hexax but due to the complexity of the geometry I think it's not possible. ¿isn't it? I tried to close it but I've tried out all methods and I can't change those red and yellow lines to green ones. I have received this geometry, I've not created it. Are you saying to me that I can create a 2D mesh with those red and yellow lines and then, if it's closed, can I use tetra mesh? Thanks very much Prakash Pagadala !
  7. Okey. So, let me know if I am right. First, I have to closed my all geometry ( ¿because If I don't do that, I could not fill with 3D elements although my mesh will be OK?). Later, I muss create my mesh 2D which will have some error problems that I have to check and change. Finally, When I have checked my mesh and it's closed, I could fill my 2D mesh closed with 3D elements.
  8. What a fantastic post! Thank very much!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a new user, from Spain and I've worked the student-version for 1 month. I hope we can help together. I have created a mesh as the tutorials says. Then, A 2D mesh it's created. Due to the complexity of the geometry I have some error_elements. I solve them but later, I can see that it's not a enclosed volume. I've tried to solve it with different methods that I've read in the tutorials but I can't get it. That's why I've come here. 1) Could anyone help me? I don't know how to solve those red and yellow lines. 2) I suppose than once again I've solved them I could mesh in 3D? Pd: I add an image. Thanks very much in advance. Hopelessly, I'm findind some help jajaj.
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