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  1. Dear, I have similar problem (Please find the attached file) when trying to Blink the LED with F28069M lanchpad. I have installed ccsv6, embed2017.2, and Altair License Manager 14.0.2 win64. I have already edit the configuration of dosrun28 file as explained above. Have you an idea about this issue? Thnx error.docx
  2. Dear, I am a beginner with SolidThinking embed 2017, I try to test the demo example " Measure chip temperature" (Embedded->example->Piccolo->Chip Temp on F28069). So following the instructions given with this example I have an error when generating the code for the target, it appears in the DOS window: c:\sTEmbed2017\cg\link2000--display_error_number..., you can see the screen print of the DOS window in the attached file. So the .out file is not generated, Have you an idea how i can resolve this issue? NB: - I have CCSv6 and the TI target is F28069M and it's proply connected to the PC via the XDS100 class USB serial port - Windows 7 (64 bits) Thanks Best regards
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