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  1. Hi, Although this topic is called "how to assign property to rbe and rigid elements", what I would like to know is the opposite: how to remove an assignation I seem to have done to some RBE3 without being aware of it. I realized I had made a mistake when i showed the model by property, and also by material, and these elements didn't appear in grey colour. Thank you for your help, Julio
  2. Hi, I was trying to introduce the mechanical properties for a composite component made of CFRP (Composite Fibre Reinforced Polymer). As I'm a beginner, I'm following the book Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation by Altair University. In there, I've found mechanical properties for many other materials, as I show in the image, but I can't find some general properties to define CFRP. Moreover, as it is an orthotropic material, I've learnt from the tutorials that I need to specify more data. Can anyone help me to find the general properties I need in the picture for MAT8 in order to define CFRP material? If possible, I'd like to see the reference for checking it up. Thanks in advance, Julio
  3. Q.Nguyen-Dai, I saved the model some days ago, so i'll continue working with it. It is not as advanced as the one i was working with, but it could had been worse. Livil Lyle, when I develop the model until i reach the same point where i was, i can share if the same problem shows up.
  4. Hi again, I've followed your instructions but everything seems to be ok. About the graphics card/driver issues, it's possible but I've already been working on the model for a long time, so why would I get problems with the graphics now? I'm sorry that I couldn't find another machine with HyperWorks installed to check reproducibilty. When I got the error, I saved the model because I had made big progress that day. I'm attaching the model just in case any of you could help me to get it back. I want to say thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it. Julio 17_05.19.hm
  5. Hi I've tried your instructions but it doesn't work. I've also checked the file size and it is 15mb, so i guess the geometry and elements are still in there. I've tried to upload the model to this page but i think it is too big for this site, so, if it doesn't appear attached, could you give me an email address to send it to you? I really appreciate your help. Julio
  6. Hello, I was working on my FEA creating bars to join the RBE2 I'm using to simulate bolts. Suddenly, my model has disappeared from the graphics area. In the corner which is below in the right side, the scale line seems to show a bug. All the information about the components is still in the model tab, but i can't find a way to visualize the model again. I've tried fitting the model, checked no transparency is selected, components are activated... Anyone has any idea about what could be happening? I have no problems with sharing the model if necessary. Thanks for your attention, Julio
  7. You are right! I easily got them deleted following your instructions. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello everyone, When I began using HyperMesh I started to try many commands. I don't know how I created these yellow entities and the red one around the hole. Now that I know how to handle some more tasks, I'm not able to find the way to delete these strange entities which Im not even sure if they are elements, rigid elements... If someone knew what they are or just can help me to find the way to delete them, i'd be really grateful. Thanks in advande, Julio
  9. I'm really grateful for the early and helpful answers you all gave me. I could finally fix the problem with Geom> surface edit> trim with surfs/planes> self intersecting surfs (select the surfaces) > trim This "Geom>edge edit>replace" didn't work as the message "Couldn't stitch to the gap" was shown, and the gap was too big. Tutorial was helpful, and i will keep it. I had also tried geometry > surface edit > extend, but when extended i was loosing information about the edges (instead of a yellow line, I was obtaining a grey line). Here I show you the model fixed. Thanks again.
  10. Hello, I got the next problem: There are some free edges (in red) in the inner part of geometry which generate trouble when meshing. I've tried Toggle edge, but it doesnt' work right. Could any one help me to solve this problem? Thanks a lot, Julio
  11. Hello, Could anyone help me to delete the "x entity" (which is not a point or a node, so I don't know what it is)? I've tried several ways which did not succeed. Moreover, I can't delete that orange segment that is positioned over a black line. Thank you in advance.
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