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  1. Julio liked a post in a topic by Pranav Hari in Composite mechanical properties   
    Hello Julio
    Apart from the e-book "Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation"  please refer the composite e-book also which specializes on composite modelling https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-introduction-to-practical-aspects-of-composites/
    Also refer composite tutorials from online help 
  2. Julio liked a post in a topic by Simon Križnik in How to delete unknown entity   
    looks like symbols for connectors- yellow are unrealized and red are failed. 
    Open the Connectors browser by clicking View > Browsers > HyperMesh > Connector from the menu bar. 
    Right-click the connector in the connector entity browser and select delete>connectors.
    Refer to tutorial HM-3400: Creating Connectors for more details.
  3. Viking_d liked a post in a topic by Julio in Free edges   
    I'm really grateful for the early and helpful answers you all gave me.
    I could finally fix the problem with Geom> surface edit> trim with surfs/planes> self intersecting surfs (select the surfaces) > trim
    This "Geom>edge edit>replace" didn't work as the message "Couldn't stitch to the gap" was shown, and the gap was too big. Tutorial was helpful, and i will keep it.
    I had also tried  geometry > surface edit > extend, but when extended i was loosing information about the edges (instead of a yellow line, I was obtaining a grey line).
    Here I show you the model fixed. Thanks again.

  4. Julio liked a post in a topic by Pooja S in FAQ3. How to remove fixed points from the surface?   
    Hi Julio
    Its a point  you can delete by 
    click > F2> Points> Select by any option > delete
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