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  1. Thank you @Hyperman, I tried to remesh with QI optimize with the minimum size criteria (0.6), I checked the quality index and I used cleanup tools too but the same problem occurs, but if I decrease the time step of /DT/NODA it works but the time of simulation is too high. Is there another solution? braccetto_radioss.hm
  2. Hi, I'm trying to simulate a compression test to evaluate the buckling load, I use a CLOAD card to impose my load but the A-Arm fails also if I apply 1 N as soon as the simulation starts. I think that the problem is the mesh but there aren't problems if I try to do this simulation with Optistruct. Could someone help me? braccetto_radioss.hm
  3. Thanks again Ivan, I already read this tutorial, so I followed it. I used /DT/BRICK/CST with the same parameters of /DT/NODA/CST but the same error occurs
  4. Hi, Sorry for my question but I'm searching for advice. I have some errors with "run killed", energy and mass. I have also errors with "WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME" and these elements belongs to the honeycomb. I think that these errors appear because I didn't defined a failure strain but I prefer to not define this paramater. Am I right? How could I solve these problems? Thanks for attention Best regards IA_5.0.hm IA_5.0_0000.out IA_5.0_0001.out
  5. Hi guys, Sorry if I ask another question. I don't understand some parameters in the card M28_HONEYCOMB. Is the strain the absissa of this curve? The last point of the curve is the yield or the rupture? Or it is only a function stress-strain and the epsilon values are our input to describe the rupture of the elements? Fscale is an addend to the function? Because I saw in the help that its dimension is Pascal so I thought that it isn't a factor. I'm asking all this questions because I'm thinking how I can simulate a buckling of the cell changing the yield function if my suppositions are right. Thanks a lot for the attention Best regards
  6. Thank you again. I made a very large mesh and the time for simulation is 13 hours :(. There is an alternative method to reduce time simulation? Because an advance mass scaling isn't recommended for crash simulation.
  7. Thank you @Ivan for your answer, I have copied your model to understand my errors. I copied the contact card values and modified the initial gap translating the components in the right position as you did. Your simulation run, my not Did you modify only these values or other too? I don't understand what composite orientation and the drape estimator is for. Thanks for always answering me
  8. Thank you very much @Ivan for your answer. The error was the unit of mass measurement so the solver didn't reach a significant solution.
  9. Hi guys, I have this error with this model of a composite impact attenuator. Could you help me? I'm desperate. Thank you for attention IA_3.0.hm IA_3.0_0000.out
  10. Hi! I want to know how is possible to optimize the thickness and so the number of plies of a carbon fiber panel. This model concern in a sandwich panel made plies of M46J and an honeycomb core. My goal will be optimize only the two laminates of carbon fibers, not the core. please give me an help! Thank you 3Dshape_contactsurf_2.hm
  11. Thanks Ivan. I have hypermesh 14 so I cannot open your model. Moreover there isn't the engine card /ANIM/SHELL/DAMA but only /ANIM/SHELL, I don't know if you know another method to see the composite damage. I haven't particular reason, it is the only way to jain the face that I found because when you talk about "equivalencing nodes" I don't understand what you want to say me. Sorry but I'm new with radioss and your help it's very important. Thank you again
  12. Hi Ivan, how could I graph these energies? In hypergraph I haven't these variables to graph. Moreover I don't see the damage of the layers in the post process also if I have defined the Hashin card property for failure (I have hyperworks 14). Thank you for attention 3pb_radioss_6.0.hm
  13. Thank you for your help and your advices. Best wishes
  14. I imposed 420 seconds because the test that I will realize has 1mm/min of velocity of the stamp, in fact after 420 seconds the stamp should move 7mm, that is the failure of the first ply with this configuration. But in this way the simulation time is too long. Is there a solution to abbreviate the simulation time?
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