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  1. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    I have tried and its not same It would be clear if we could have chat or call to explain clearly what is my issue Let me know
  2. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Also let me know if i could contact you through phone I want to sort this out sooner
  3. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Hi I checked your model there is no stiffness assigned for CELAS2 and you have created PELAS1 AND THE ELEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN ASSIGNED STIFNNESS? I have attached my model run the same and let me know what mistake has been made EIGEN2.fem
  4. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    have a look at this my total mass is 4kg in translation i get my total mass but in rotation i get 250 kg Kindly clarify whats wrong EIGEN2.out
  5. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    have a look at my model setup and let me know why rotational mass comes wrong
  6. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Hi Rahul I am trying to co relate analysis calculation vs theoretical calculation so i took simple 2dof system so it will have oly 2 natural frequencies
  7. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Thanks for the answer Rahul Yet still why do i see high mass value in rotation direction Mass value in rotation direction is higher than my system mass kindly clarify
  8. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Thanks for reply but in total mass in rotational directions why it is not equal to total mass? in translation i get my total mass equal to system mass but in rotational it shows 250kg which is more than my over all system mass
  9. Sai Vignesh

    Modal effective mass

    Kindly find the attached out file In effective modal mass i am getting my total mass in translation direction Why not in rotation of X direction? Is the unit different when it comes to translation and rotation ? Thanks for your help
  10. Sai Vignesh

    Modal analysis

    Hi When solving normal modes analysis Using EIGRL there are two types of normalization 1.Mass normalization 2.Max normalization There is no difference in response or frequency Kindly give some examples when and where each is used and if possible specific application for each Thanks in advance
  11. Sai Vignesh

    Important Need Clarification regd post processing?

    Hi I understand that why that difference in stress occurs I just wanna know what makes the difference If you could kindly explain
  12. I ran Frequency response analysis and when i viewed the results in frequency domain in modal view my stress is different when i change to linear transient mode my stress results are different why so output should be same right how changing to modal view /linear transient changes my result??? Kindly help