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  1. the objective of the simulation is to calculate the amount of force required to punch the 25mm dia punch completely through the laminate. the test is for testing monocoque laminates.
  2. thanks for the reply. the 32mm dia is for scrap. but how do i apply the force only on the topmost surface of the laminate and the constraint on the lowermost layer only. could you please check my model file and comment if it would give me the desired results.
  3. hello, i am working on a monocoque chassis and to start my analysis i wanted to simulate a perimeter shear test in hyperworks. i have made a model with a surface and shell elements . the model is attached below. the test involves applying constraints to the lowest surface and load on the topmost surface. is it fine to apply fixed support on the surface excluding the lower 32mm dia circle and apllying force on the upper 25mm dia circle region. please help it is very important for me. perimeter shear iteration 1.hm
  4. Hi, I am in a fsae team in india. i am working on designing a monocoque chassis. I have applied my loads and supports on the chassis - making the rear fixed and twisting the front. Currently my chassis is being twisted about the centerline of the chassis- x axis, but I want my chassis to twist about the roll axis which is at an angle to the x axis. please help. thanks in advance.
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