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  1. 2.Yes.I wrote some script to retrieve thickness from midsurface. But sometimes surfaces created by midsurface command may have Inaccurate thickness values or these surfaces have distortions. So I may create midsurface manually and get surface thickness by some scripts. Thanks for your patient,you helped me a lot.
  2. Thanks for your reply How can I get two nodes shown in attachment?Should I use foreach command to loop intersect nodes list and get shortest distance(hm_measureshortestdistance)? Actually,I want to get the distance between surfaces 2&3.Because these two surfaces are nearest to surface 1 along the virtual line mentioned before. Besides nodes intersection,is there any other way that can quickly get surface 2&3 distance?Do you think by using *linecreatenormaltogeom to get lines list from surface1 to surface 2&3&4&5&6&7 is an efficient method? These two APIs (hm_entityrecorder and *createmarklast) are really helpful.Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your reply. How to find nearest surfaces from newly created nodes?Is there any HyperMesh API to use? Is there any API to get node ids list created by *nodecreateatplanesintersection?hm_latestentityid nodes 0-99 is not very convenient. Just find that *linecreatenormaltogeom is a good method. How can I get line list created by *linecreatenormaltogeom?
  4. Hello everyone! I now trying to find surface 2 and surface 3 that they are pairs of opposite surfaces to surface 1. Suppose we get a virtual straight line cross centroid of surface 1 parallel to surface 1's normal vector, I want to find first and second surfaces that have shortest distance to surface 1 alone the virtual line, in this example ,they are surface 2 &3 "hm_measureshortestdistance" can only find surface 5 and surface 6 because they are closer than surface 2&3 I tried to Create temp node attached to surface 1 located in centroid(hm_getcentroid surfs) of surface 1,duplicate the temp node and then project the duplicated node to solid surfs with normal option(*markprojectnormallytosurface) ,in order to get distance list of nodes, the original temp node and duplicated nodes distance list.By using lsort -increasing -real $distancelist , I got first two distance and find surface 2 & 3 that opposite to surface 1. But.it's really complicated and the script runs really really slowly Is there any efficient way to get surface 2 & 3? I'm really really sorry that I'm not good at English. Thanks in advance!Thanks for your Great patient! @tinh @vipin slide0.bmp
  5. #Auto exit the "for" loop when no surface was selected. Try this script querythickness.tcl
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