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  1. Hi, Is there any way to get unique list of materials from available materials based on E,Rho and NU values?
  2. Hi, Is there any command which can return the total count of materials. I want to further use that count in looping. thanks
  3. thanks for your reply. hm_entitymaxid is giving the max for *all* the nodes. i was looking for the max for nodes only in a certain range of nodes. this would be similar to choosing nodes by id and then using the "min/max" blue button.
  4. Dear team, I am interested in finding out the MIN\MAX node number(in my case nodes are randomly numbered and i want to find min\max from a defined range of node number). For that I have used ::hwat::utils::CreateMark "nodes" 1 all; set h [hm_getmark nodes 1] set maxall [::tcl::mathfunc::max {*}$h] This works fine for small geometries. but it takes high time for large one's. While the Min\Max button does it very fast. So can you please suggest any code\script do it in faster way..or command for min\max (blue color) button..
  5. Yes its working successfully..thanks for your help Tinh..
  6. Hi Tinh, Thanks for everything its working successfully.... Just had one doubt.. Do we have any command to get back to hypermesh gui..(unlaunch hyperbeam)
  7. yes tinh, its working now.. thanks a lot... I would like to know that is there any command to switche to thyperbeam GUI. If it works then it would be very easy to get the required data. I am trying with *createmark beamsects 1 "solid_section.0" , but its not working..hb_getresults will only work if we switch to hyperbeam gui and select the particular beam section and switch back to model gui...
  8. Hi tinh, unfortunately its showing hb_getresults as invalid.
  9. Hi tinh, My hypermesh model contains some Hyperbeam sections. Each section will have associated data like shown below, Area = 777.34677330 Centroid : Local Yc = 0.00369492 Zc = 0.00048295 Moments Of Inertia : Local IY = 8385.75207149 IZ = 292739.17537076 IYZ = 0.00138714 Centroidal Iy = 8385.75189018 Iz = 292739.16475806 Iyz = 0.00000000 Principal Iv = 8385.75189018 Iw = 292739.16475806 Angle = 0.00000000 How can i get this data to text or any readable file by using command because my model has many such beams and I need to extract this details of all the beams.
  10. Hi tinh, Can you please elaborate the meaning of surface fits?
  11. HI, I am trying to get data from hyperbeam Eg. IY,IZ of a solid section. Can you please help me with script or command?
  12. HI, I am trying to get data from hyperbeam Eg. IY,IZ of a solid section. Can you please help me with script or command?
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