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  1. Hello, In Optistruct frequency response modal analysis, I am getting very high stress peaks outside of the natural frequencies. For example, I am applying same amount of acceleration from 1 to 100 Hz. According to the modal analysis, system has natural frequencies at 11.4 , 14.0 , 16.7 , 27.08 Hz. But when I investigate stress vs. frequency, I obtain the highest stress values at 22.6 Hz with much higher than the ones at natural frequencies. What can be wrong here?
  2. Hello, I am performing linear-static analysis in a system includes pbush elements. Firstly, I need to apply pre-stretchings to my pbush elements, after that, I need to apply gravitational load to my pre-stretched system. How can I set a sequential analysis like this in the load step? Or, how can I use the pre-stretched output results and configuration as an input for gravitational loading? Thanks,
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