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  1. i have attached snip of error log, i have resolved the material error now this is the new error... please help
  2. I want to do Kinematics and Compliance analysis of the front suspension of vehicle.Please help me with solving the errors except those related to material property assignment. Also I want to ask whether it is compulsory to assign the material properties as there was no such step taken in the Tutorial Video posted on the Altair University website. I have attached the model file. error check.mdl
  3. Thank you for the reply Pranav, but I am not able to refine the elements in the thin region. Can you please show me the process? Also I am not able to properly imprint the 3d mesh on 2d mesh of cylinder as it gives me weird results. Please help me with the same
  4. I want to 3d mesh a rod with curved profiles at both ends, but I am not able to mesh the ends of the rods properly leading to element errors which I am not able to solve. Also I want to 2d mesh a cylinder connected to the rod at one end and then link the 3d elements on rod and 2d elements on cylinder. I have attached the model file and also the images of the cross section of rod and cylinder. Please help me with the same. rod_and_cylinder.hm
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