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  1. @DEEPAKSREEDHARKThank yo so much for the help :) Regards, Sanket
  2. Hello Everyone, is there any command to get dependent nodes of RBE2 elements? Regards, Sanket
  3. @sandeepballiwarIts working perfect. Thank you so much! Regards, Sanket
  4. @sandeepballiwarThanks for the help. What to do if i want to select all elements attached to element as above commands are giving adjacent elements only..should i need to use for loop here? Regards, Sanket
  5. @sandeepballiwar Hello Sandeep, Can you please elaborate it? Regards, Sanket
  6. Hello All, I want to select attached elements to a particular element. What is tcl command for this selection? Regards, Sanket
  7. Hello All, I want to select BeamSections in a particular beamsectioncollector using tcl script. How can i select it? I tried manually,. While doing it manually there is no option to Select beam sections collectorwise. Please suggest some commands to do the required task. Regards, Sanket Sunil Patil
  8. Hello All, I want to delete elements on YZ plane. How can i delete elements using tcl commands? Regards, Sanket
  9. Hello All, I am using Hypermesh 2017 and using below link for tcl scripting, https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Hyperworks/help/hm/hmbat.htm?hm_createmark.htm Can anyone give me link of updated tcl commands which will work in hypermesh 2017? Regards, Sanket
  10. @tinhHello Tinh, Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I will definitely learn Tcl/tk. I would like to tell you that i can select now required nodes which query i asked you above. Regards, Sanket
  11. @tinhThanks for quick reply. But i want to drag nodes of two edges only as shown below, How to do that? Regards, Sanket
  12. Hi all, How to get nodes from free edges and drag it in particular direction using tcl? Regards, Sanket
  13. Hi All, I want to Create a dictionary of Node Ids And their corrosponding coordinates using tcl. How can i create it? Regards, Sanket
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