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  1. As title, I have plenty of parts and I would like to save their part id into an array. The begining of my script will be : *createmark comps "displayed" I have no idea to get the components' id of this group of parts. Then I don't know how to save them into an array by "*createarray" script for the further step. Can anyone help?
  2. I wrote a tcl script to auto change current component after I excute a command from pushpanel. Here is my script: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hm_pushpanel {velocities} set loadid [hm_info currentcollector loadcol] incr loadid if {[hm_entityinfo exist loadcol $loadid -byid] == 1} { set loadname [hm_getentityvalue loadcol $loadid name 1 -byid] *retainmarkselections 1 *currentcollector loadcol "$loadname" *retainmarkselections 0 } else { return } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll call out a pushpanel first, in this example : velocities panel. And I will create an initial velocity for current component and press the create button in this panel. I know how to change the current component. I have no idea about how to write the command script after pressing the create button and then change the current component to the next component. Does anyone can help me?
  3. Hi, Pandurang, Because this button will be used many times, I cannot assign a component name or id only for this script. Or do you know how to write a script to get the component'id which is made current? thanks
  4. I wrote a customization script as a button, and it can help me to create elements. To avoid making mistake, I hope that after I press the button, the created elements can be organized to the current component manually operation. Which script can I add into the customization script? Thanks
  5. My solution is save the file with active model rather than save with customized item
  6. i agree with you! i think applying a loop is a better solution
  7. hi, i guess you can try to rename rather than splitting
  8. Hi, all, When I import the LS-DYNA solver deck into hypermesh and output one component as a solver deck isolately, the other unreferenced nodes will also be output simultaneously. As the following picture, the white nodes are unreferenced nodes showed in LS-Prepost, and I need to use " Node edit" to cleanup every time. So I would like to know if there any method that can help me to cleanup the nodes automatically. https://imgur.com/a/RIdGahq
  9. Hi , tinh, Thanks a lot! Your suggestion is very helpful
  10. hi, i'm trying to define an initial velocity by the tcl script. At first, i have tried to use macro to record the script to define an initial velocity. As following, https://imgur.com/a/u9xd4g3 the comman is *loadcreateonentity_curve(nodes,1,8,2,-7157.98626,6287.04714,0,0,0,9527,0,0,0,0,0) there is no detail for the velocity on the hyperwork online documentation when i try to use arguments to replace the vectors and the magnitude. *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Please pick one node" set magnitude [hm_getint "magnitude= " "Please specify the magnitude of velocity"] set plane [hm_getplanepanel "Please define a plane"] foreach {nx ny nz} [lindex [lindex $plane 0] 0] {} foreach {bx by bz} [lindex [lindex $plane 0] 1] {} *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 8 2 $nx $ny $nz 0 0 $magnitude 0 0 0 0 0 the results showed me an initial velocity with correct vector direction but wrong magnitude. (Magnitude = 1 ) https://imgur.com/a/DS4FHO5 does anyone can help me to solve this problem?
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