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  1. And what is this ratio exactly? I would like to input the steering wheel angle vs steering rack travel ratio.
  2. Hello, I'm following tutorials regarding vehicle modelling and I'm facing problems when trying to edit advance driver, see screenshot: As you may see, the driver file selection tool is not showing up. Any clues on what the problem may be? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Thank you Prakash. Is it possible to create an expression that relates two outputs? For example: I want to relate the wheel vertical displacement versus the shock displacement, these both have an output expression already, but when I try to create the expression that relates both it gives me an error.
  4. Hi everybody.I am currently running a kinematics analysis on a FSAE vehicle in MotionView. The question is: where can I find information about the outputs generated by the different simulations? When running a 'static ride' simulation, and showing the report, common data is shown as: camber gains, bump steer, etc. I am missing the data regarding motion ratio between wheel displacement and damper stroke, data from roll centers, etc. I have looked in the user guide but there’s few information. Also, I think this information must be clear in order to perform a optimisation in HyperStudy. I attach a picture where I show the results regarding Wheel Rate data, so that everybody sees what I mean.If these outputs I’m missing are not generated by the templates, how can I custom build one?Thank you in advance, kind regards.
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