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  1. Hello: I´m triyng to create a png graph from PostFeko script and I wish to use a variable defined in a father script (in CadFeko) for the name of the model. The program give to me the next message: attempt to index global 'Iteration' (a nil value). Here are the lines i the programs In the main program: ... for Iteration = 1,#f do pf.Variable modelName = baseModelName .. "_Iteration_" ..Iteration.."_Polarization_"..Polarization app:SaveAs(modelName) ... -- Define the model to open in POSTFEKO runOutput = cf.Launcher.Run("postfeko", {modelName, "--run-script", "createAndExportGraph.lua", "--non-interactive"}) ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the subscript "createAndExportGraph.lua" app = pf.GetApplication() graph = app.CartesianGraphs:Add() farFieldTrace = graph.Traces:Add(app.Models[1].Configurations[1].FarFields[1]) graph:ExportImage("FarFieldGraph"..Iteration, "png", 180, 260) app:Close() thank´s
  2. Hi: I couldn´t find how to export a .dat file with LUA in the FEKO manual. Your previous image don´t show that part that is with I need. Could you help? Thanks
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