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  1. leozzy

    I am stuck and need help

    Thanks for the help once again. I have learnt how cross plots work. Thanks i ll use them later on when i am gonna do comparisons. I have one more question. In the Resultant displacement it show 75 m (for midspannode outer pillar) and 35 m (midspannode inner pillar) respectively. Between outer pillar and inner pillar is just 60 mm. How is that even possible?
  2. leozzy

    I am stuck and need help

    Could You pls give me a hint how did you plot this chart? X type y type what should i choose? I am stuck
  3. leozzy

    I am stuck and need help

    Sorry for late reply. I thank you too much for your kind help. i didnt have time to sit down and check your corrections. Now i am checking and i understand your points. I ll use different type of connectors after optimizations to see its effect on stress, strain and most importantly on mass. Are you familiar with Hyperstudy as well? I need to use hyperstudy to simulate all crosssections in one simulation by using hypervolume variables.
  4. leozzy

    I am stuck and need help

    I am completely new to Hyperworks. I have been reading all kind of ebooks to understand and i have to simulate a 3 point bending as a start. Then i ll do optimizations on hyperstudy. Size and Shape optimizations. To do that first i need a successful radioss run. Which i get a lot of errors. A LOT. I dont have any idea how to get a successful run. In Summary I have followed these steps. 1. Create the Components 2. material (Non Linear Materials MAT2 or MAT36) 3. Properties (PShell) 4. Load Collector (Imposed Velocity of Impactor / Fixed Boundary counditions etc) 5. Contact (Interface Type 7 between Supports and Inner / Impactor and Outer and Self contacts) 6. Output Block 7. Engine Cards. in attachments you can find the model. I would be really appriciated if someone helps me with that. Modelle.hm
  5. leozzy

    Unable to Save the Model nor the Session

  6. leozzy

    Unable to Save the Model nor the Session

    Hello Mr. Pagadala, Its my personal computer. I run the software as administrator as well. I checked every folder and file permission. I am using the student version at home. When i save it for the first time absolutely no problem. It saves the documents anywhere in any location but i cant change that saved file again.
  7. Hello Everyone. I need an urgent HELP !!. I have read about deleting the Temp documents of Altair and i dont get any license errors. I have Student Licence. I can work on the program no errors. I can save it once. Both the model and the session. Afterwards i cant save it again. I get those attached Errors. I checked every kind of security options. I dont know what to do.