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  1. I isntalled hyperwork 2019 student edition with licence.dat in the security folder and set an enviroment name as told. But somehow software shuts down after start up without any error. I need urgent help.
  2. Ivan I hope you are doing fine. I have finished the master thesis. I was doing another trial to learn better. I have difficulties with the interface (initial penetrations). Can you pls check the model for a sec? Thanks a lot again. Modelle_corrected_edit.hm
  3. Thanks again but as i see you have deleted the elements between lower and upper reinforcement. There is gap between them
  4. My screen was freezing at first trial and i ended task from task manager. Later on i could not overwrite these files cos they were used by some program and i checked task manager one more time and i found e2017_exe running eventho hyperstudy was closed. I ended that task as well and deleted all datas. Restarted the study once again and it didnt give any more errors. How long does it take at the model you attached? How did you optimize it? Can you please explain briefly?
  5. i figured it out ivan. Thanks a lot anyway. Now the runs go without any errors. Every run takes around 1 hour tho. It will take couple days i guess to run all parametrics.
  6. Hi Ivan, Can i run the same model with optistruct? Which parameters i should change? Boundary conditions etc? Maybe with Optistruct there wont be any issues? Modelle_corrected_edit.hm Here is the model again.
  7. Hi Ivan, Thanks again for your reply. It seems you are the only one trying to help in this community. I appriciate it. This is the model you corrected actually. Last time we corrected the time step, remember? When i solved the problem with radioss i didnt get any problems nay errors. Here is out file from radioss. Modelle_corrected_edit_0001.out Thanks again. I hope we can solve this issue. I am running short in time.
  8. Since really long time i am working on it. I watched many webinars and checked many tutorials. I am still getting the same error. And unfortunately i cant solve it. I need urgent help. Can someone please help me??? I uploaded the data that hyperstudy gives error '(For more information see) Modelle_corrected_edit_0001.out
  9. Hello Rahul, Thank you very much i ll definitely check it out. First problem i solved and i understood why i cant save the model. I used a letter that doesnt exist in English alphabet lol. i changed it ran the radioss again and now i can save and work on it later. I dont have any hstx file in the folder. I attached the hyperstudy related ones. '7 Warning: The solver log file doesn't exist ( C:\Users\User\Desktop\Drawing\Hyperworks\Element 5\With Tension-Compression\Lower-Upper Reinforcement\Shaped\Edited\approaches\doe_1\run__00001\m_1\hwsolver.mesg )' This error i get now so i cant evaluate and get any repsonses. Bpillar.xml HStudy.rar
  10. Can you help me with the hyperstudy?
  11. Btw how to get the Von mises stress and strain on T01 file. I mean as engine cards? I wanna graph them too. Couldnt find them. Could you help me?
  12. no i didnt try the hyperstudy yet. Its too complicated for me. Later it evaluated but gave other errors. i ll work on it later again. Thanks for your help.
  13. Could you please explain how you changed it? Or send me a screenshot what you have changed.
  14. Modelle_corrected_0000.radModelle_correctedT01Modelle_corrected_0001.rad
  15. Modelle_corrected.h3d Modelle_corrected.hm
  16. Hello Everyone, I urgently need your help. I have to do an optimisation of a B-Pillar which i have already simulated in Radioss according to 3 point Bending. This was my first time with hyperstudy so i guess i did many thing wrong by defining output responces and contraints i guess. The aim is to hold the intrusion level same and minimize the mass of the structure. I would be really appriciated if someone could help me. i ll post some screenshots here because somehow i cant save the hyperstudy file. Actually i can save but cant open again. It gives error. I just added the size parameters. Shape parameters i will add them later when i understand how hyperstudy works exactly After nominal run i tried to evalute the study But i get this error : Full folder is in the attachments. I need urgent help to finish master thesis. Thanks in advance
  17. Hello Rahul, I am not sure how to do that with Morphing . Maybe there is smt that i dont know. If i send you the model, can you please help me with the following parametrisation? Model should be able to detect the overlapping. For Example when the outer pillar is wider reinforcement can move up around 22mm. As the outer pillar and inner pillar gets narrower in order to prevent geometrical conflicts reinforcement will move up correspondingly. from 22 mm to 12 mm with the movement of Pillars. Can you help me with that?
  18. Hello Rahul, Thank you for your reply. That is what i meant. Is there a way to control it automatically? For example inter-dependency between handles? For example : Handle 2 (30,0) (Reinforcement) can never be higher than Handle 1 in y direction or vice versa (30,30) (Outer Pillar) I am just looking for an implicit parametrisation. Software should detect the geometrical conflicts and overlappings and prevent it with some sort of coding or interdependency. I couldnt see any option in Hyperworks. As i see, designer must do it manually?
  19. Hello Everyone, I would be really appriciated if someone can answer my question. I dont know if it is possible in Hyperworks to do implicit parametrisation. I am currently working on a cross section shape optimization of a b Pillar. This b pillar consists of 3 metal sheet. Outer inner and the reinforcement. Reinforcement should go up and down in the y direction Outer and inner pillar should be parametrised in x direction. I have already made required morphing and saved them as shape. This is called as an explicit shape parametrisation while the geometrical conflict and overlapping can only be prevented by having a smaller margin of movement. In order words when i move the reinforcement more than 12mm outside pillar and reinforcement will cause an overlapping. Is there any way to control this? When the outer pillars are wider there is whole bunch of space that reinforcement in y direction to move. But if move it than there will be overlapping when it is narrower. Such as in the picture belows. Hope i could explain my problem.
  20. Thanks for the help once again. I have learnt how cross plots work. Thanks i ll use them later on when i am gonna do comparisons. I have one more question. In the Resultant displacement it show 75 m (for midspannode outer pillar) and 35 m (midspannode inner pillar) respectively. Between outer pillar and inner pillar is just 60 mm. How is that even possible?
  21. Could You pls give me a hint how did you plot this chart? X type y type what should i choose? I am stuck
  22. Sorry for late reply. I thank you too much for your kind help. i didnt have time to sit down and check your corrections. Now i am checking and i understand your points. I ll use different type of connectors after optimizations to see its effect on stress, strain and most importantly on mass. Are you familiar with Hyperstudy as well? I need to use hyperstudy to simulate all crosssections in one simulation by using hypervolume variables.
  23. I am completely new to Hyperworks. I have been reading all kind of ebooks to understand and i have to simulate a 3 point bending as a start. Then i ll do optimizations on hyperstudy. Size and Shape optimizations. To do that first i need a successful radioss run. Which i get a lot of errors. A LOT. I dont have any idea how to get a successful run. In Summary I have followed these steps. 1. Create the Components 2. material (Non Linear Materials MAT2 or MAT36) 3. Properties (PShell) 4. Load Collector (Imposed Velocity of Impactor / Fixed Boundary counditions etc) 5. Contact (Interface Type 7 between Supports and Inner / Impactor and Outer and Self contacts) 6. Output Block 7. Engine Cards. in attachments you can find the model. I would be really appriciated if someone helps me with that. Modelle.hm
  24. Hello Mr. Pagadala, Its my personal computer. I run the software as administrator as well. I checked every folder and file permission. I am using the student version at home. When i save it for the first time absolutely no problem. It saves the documents anywhere in any location but i cant change that saved file again.
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