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  1. Hi. I want to be compare the composite analysis and contact surface (freeze) the example is above picture. And I want to check the ERP between 0~3000Hz. and I can get the follow this. (damping material density is 1856.07kg/m^3) The blue line is contact surface(freeze) model, The black line is composite model. why the blue line is more big value than black line abouy twice. why the blue line is more big value than black line. I want to know why two lines are different exactly. contact_al_dam.fem contact_al_dam.pch compostie_test_revised.fem compostie_test_revised.pch
  2. Hi. I want to solve the problem about erp reduction by free-size optimization(design valuable is only thickness) It looks like easy problem but I want to know exact process. If I have plate 180 [mm] x 180 [mm] and property = pshell (thickness = 2.5 [mm]), I want to reduce equivalent radiated power by size optimization by thickness distribution. I want to set under bound = 1 [mm] and upper bound = 5 [mm]. It means that initial thickness(2.5 [mm]) can change 1 [mm]. Would you plz let me know how to set desvar, generic relationship in free-size panel in optimization panel. Thanks a lot.
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