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  1. I determined the problem and have fixed the issue. I needed to request the license that matched the almutil tab above. Following Rahul Ponginan's instructions to include this license in the security folder and also apply it to the environmental variables, I successfully was able to run Cadfeko. Thank you!
  2. I have followed above steps but still get the same error message 9161. I have deleted the previous license and used the new license for the environmental variable while also placing the new license file in the security folder. I still get the same result. The second image shows the almutil with the previous license that hasn't been changed and still doesn't match the new one.
  3. I previously requested a new license for Altair FEKO and would like to know how to apply it. I have tried to uninstall FEKO however, the software still wants to use the old license for some reason when I reinstall it. It doesn't give me the option to use the new license. What are the steps I need to take in order to apply the new license and begin using FEKO?
  4. I followed your step to find the Ethernet and requested a new license file. I used the physical address under "LAN adapter Local Area", which was different from the one I used previously. After I receive a new license file, what steps do I take to ensure the software will run? Will I have to reinstall FEKO?
  5. I am having this same issue. I have found that my Ethernet physical address does not match the license file sent to me. What steps do I take now?
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