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  1. @Ivan I dont have MLAW69 as an option. Do i have to activate a spezial option or maybe i have a older version of Hyperworks?
  2. Hey @Prakash Pagadala thank you for reply. I dont used shell elements. I solved it by remeshing. After i changed the model size and define the BC's and Material again i get follow Post-processing: i have had this problem before. It seems as if the elements themselves are not connected but that makes no sense. I'm surprised how hard it is to depict a non linear viscouselatic material in a tensile test. :/ Maybe someone have an idea?
  3. Hello everybody, So for i have updated the model: new model with other dimensions was imported the units have been adjusted (now: mm, Kg, s also defined in Header_card) Clamping lengths have been defined force range has been redefined (with grnodes) the number of elements has been reduced (because of a too high simulation time) the measuring path is 25 mm. At a test speed of 10 mm / min, the simulation time was increased to 150 sec. So far so good. When i press Simualte, it comes to following problem: ERROR ID : 62 ** ERROR IN MATERIAL/ELEMENT DEFINITION (LAW) DESCRIPTION : -- MATERIAL ID : 3 -- MATERIAL TITLE : ABS ML38 INVALID MATERIAL LAW 38 FOR SHELL3N ELEMENT ID=1 ERROR ID : 62 ** ERROR IN MATERIAL/ELEMENT DEFINITION (LAW) DESCRIPTION : -- MATERIAL ID : 3 -- MATERIAL TITLE : ABS ML38 INVALID MATERIAL LAW 38 FOR SHELL3N ELEMENT ID=2 ERROR ID : 62 ... for every note.. It seems that the material is not coupled with the model, however, I can not find the mistake. Do someone have an idea? Also another question: From experience, I know that with a simulated time of 150 seconds, the simulation time itself is very high. Is there a methode to reduce it? Data (Model): 7. Versuch_edit2.hm
  4. Hey Ivan, im sorry for disappointing you. It is right that I still have to learn. Thats why im really grateful to someone like you. You take the time to explain it. I will deal with the unit system. Like you said, it is very important. I will do some research and continue my task. I will keep you informed. Thank you, again!
  5. Thank you guys, this is awesome. After you advice i have checked the units and adapted them to [KG, m, S, N] (SI). I noticed in the simulation that the component does not break. Then I increased the simulation time but I have no success here. The Post-Processing looks like: does anyone have an idea? Also i want to generate a force displacemnt plot. Is there is step by step guide to do that? Thanks you ! 3. Versuch_edit5.hm
  6. Hey @Ivan I appreciate the help here in the forum very much. So i have to give something back. I checked the modell and the most things have i understand. But i have some problems: First i changed the Modell to fullsize (acutally the idea of symmetrie is nice but in my case i want to do it with the full model) I have rebuild the model and defined the imp. velocity as follow: After the simulation i just get: Seems wrong to me :/ I noticed that the time is always 0s in the simulation. (Upper right in the second pictue). Also you define grnodnode. What are these for? Do i need them or did you used these because of the symmetrie? Here is the model with the mention changes. 3. Versuch_edit3.hm I do not want to take advantage of your helpfulness. if you have the time I am very grateful to you. [Units: Kg, MPa, sec, mm]
  7. First of all, thank you a lot for your help. Ill check this and write back tomorrow. My Units are: Kg, mm, MPa Again, thank you @Ivan
  8. Ok i have combine the Material law with the curve. Thanks. But after the Simulation it says in HV: 1 Error: Failed to attach results... I share the model, maybe someone can check this. 3. Versuch.hm
  9. Hey, thank you, ill check. how can i open .rad ?
  10. Hi Ivan, i checked the RADIOSS Help before but there is no comment that explain how to import a stress-strain curve and how to combine it with the material law. Now im so far, that i generate a curve with the relevant points. But now i need to connect this curve with my material /component. Is there any way to do this ? the curve looks like real curve: generated curve:
  11. Hi Pranav, thanks you. It help for understanding however i can not transfer the problem from the post to mine. My current problem is that i want to create a stress-strain curve in HM. So that the programm get the necessary parameter out of the curve. But it is a non linear viscouselastic material. So how can i connect the Materialcard LAW 70 with the stress strain curve? Maybe it is simple but it is hard to get there. (Sorry for bad english )
  12. Hi @Prakash Pagadala so i checked LAW 33 and LAW 70. i think for my problem LAW 70 is possible. But where can i put the stress strain curve in this materialmodel? Or do i need just some parameters to define my materialcard?
  13. Hello everyone, i want to simulate a tensile testing with a non linear viscoelastic material (ABS). I have generate some stress-strain charts where i get the material values (E, ...). So my questions: Which solver is for this case the right one? (Optistructe is for linear right? or maybe RADIOSS?) How can I define a non linear viscoelastic materialcard in HM? (Does it depends on the solver?) The material and the geometry are non linear. This must be taken into account. I am grateful of every answer.
  14. hmm im sorry i dont find it... i go to analysis --> control cards and then this opens but there is no global output request :/ do i something wrong? sorry there is a next site, my mistake
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