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  1. Aidan B

    Error with element energy

    I've checked in hypercrash and not found any initial penetrations. I'm using both type 2 and 7 contacts but I believe the problem is in the type 7. I'm also not sure how to set full integration or whether it is already set. I'm using property 19 SH_SANDW with Ishell 24
  2. Aidan B

    Error with element energy

    I'm trying to run a crash simulation and have encountered the element distortion/extrusion shown in the attached image. I don't know the correct terminology for this so it has been difficult to find solutions online. I believe it is caused by the contact interfaces and I have enlarged the gap min and told the nodes of deleted elements to be removed. There is also failure criteria which seems to have been ignored for these elements because they should have failed and been deleted. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Aidan B

    Unable to read T File

    Thank you, converting to .abf worked
  4. Aidan B

    Unable to read T File

    I'm running a crash simulation in Radioss and I have requested a T file to be written. When I try and load the T file (T01) in hyperview and in hypergraph an error comes up saying it was unable to recognise it. I set the type to 0 default and I also tried 4 because I believe hypergraph can read that. I think data is being written to the file because the file size is fairly large. Any help would be appreciated. _ront_bumper.crashT01