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  1. Hello, I have set the DESMAX in the individual model files but when running the MMO it uses a default value of 80 iterations. How can I change this default?
  2. Hello, Can someone please share the model file for example OS-E: 0845 Control Arm with Local Stress Constraint, control_arm_fine.zip. My Hyperworks hasn't installed any of the example files in the demo folder. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have got the simulation to run using hexa and penta elements instead of tetra elements. Is a tetra mesh defined as a lattice structure?
  4. Hello, I'am trying to perform a topology optimization using MMO which has a solid property for a design variable. When I run the MMO I get an error *** ERROR # 7506 *** Current version of lattice structures does not support multi-model optimization . Are solid properties not supported for MMO or is there another problem? Thanks
  5. Hello, I'am trying to create an MMO and I wanted to use the model files from OS-E: 0830 Excavator Arm to help me but they are not in my installed directory. I go into demos/hwsolvers/optistruct and there are model files there but none of the MMO files are there. Can I obtain these files from anywhere else? Thanks Aidan
  6. I've fixed my problem by solving and outputting forces so I can set up the optimisation using only forces and eliminating the need for a spring element.
  7. Hello, I'am optimising a front wishbone for both the left and right of a suspension. My idea is to have the loads and boundary conditions mirrored between loadsteps however there is a spring/damper element that would effect the results. Can you deactivate/ignore elements between the loadsteps? Or is there a better way to combine the optimisation so that the component is optimised for both the left and right tyre loads?
  8. Hi, I have tried both CORDM -1 and BLANK to compare and there is still a noticeable difference in the CPENTA and CHEXA elements.
  9. Hi, It will be difficult to adapt to a PCOMPLS as the material is not ply based. Orthotropic behaviour is due to the manufacturing process.
  10. Hi Prakash, I'am using the PSOLID property card with defaults except CORDM -1.
  11. I'am studying how a components performance is affected by the materials isotropic and orthotropic behaviour. The image attached shows the same 3d solid mesh using hexa and penta elements but with an isotropic material (top) and an orthotropic material (bottom). I'am using mat1 for isotropic and mat9ort for orthotropic. There is a clear difference in stress for the cpenta elements compared to the chexa. Are cpenta elements fully supported for mat9ort or is this behaviour a result of the cpenta element formulation?
  12. I've checked in hypercrash and not found any initial penetrations. I'm using both type 2 and 7 contacts but I believe the problem is in the type 7. I'm also not sure how to set full integration or whether it is already set. I'm using property 19 SH_SANDW with Ishell 24
  13. I'm trying to run a crash simulation and have encountered the element distortion/extrusion shown in the attached image. I don't know the correct terminology for this so it has been difficult to find solutions online. I believe it is caused by the contact interfaces and I have enlarged the gap min and told the nodes of deleted elements to be removed. There is also failure criteria which seems to have been ignored for these elements because they should have failed and been deleted. Any help would be appreciated.
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