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  1. Thanks @acupro I've cleared the mesh inside the wheels. It works fine. Y+ is a term called first cell height. Can you suggest me any manuals to read about such parameters.
  2. How to calculate the Frontal area using hyperworks tool ?
  3. Hi Experts, I'm looking forward to perform a full car exterior aerodynamic study. I've done with the tutorilas and implemented the same in my case too. But I'm getting some errors. The tutorial fuile I've been worked is a Plane with Wind tunnel (It does not have wheels. But When it comes to car, there was a need of integrating the wheel. So if there is relevant tutorial / model kindly share it with me. So that I can make the setup according to that file. I'm getting warnings as below when I followed the tutorial file "Plane" The tutorial I've been followed is "CFD-1400: Wind Tunnel Mesh" I'm also attaching the Acutail file for your reference. T3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warningsT3_EXT_Acusolve.bc_warnings T3_EXT_Acusolve_bc.warnings T3_EXT_Acusolve.1.Log_acuTail.txt
  4. I've recently installed HW 2019. While opening I'm encounterig the License error as show in the attached picture(Err:13) . Kindly help me in this issue. Thanks in advance Jegan.
  5. Hi, I've prepared the criteria file for performing batch mesh operation. I've made some continous improvements and feature capture and Quality were improved. But I can't improve the flow. There are many opposite trias in the mesh (As shown in the attached picture). Even I've enabled Aggresive Tria Reduction. It doesn't give me the flow I'm looking for. I'm sharing the .param file for your reference. Kindly check and let me know if there are any improvements need to be done. Thanks and Regards Jegan.Test_10mm.param
  6. Hello Members, I'm looking forward for the script to assign the colour to property based on its thickness. Please help me out
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