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  1. This is shown when clicking on ridig body
  2. Im triying to make a boundary condition so that it doesnt move in any direction unless X axis direction
  3. Ok thank very much. Another question, and know how I can set a boundary condition in this rigid body? As seeing in the picture by selecting a node it tells me that it cannot be possible.
  4. Hi, How I do select the master node of a rigid body when making a boundary condition of that rigid body?
  5. Anyone knows how to set as in the picture below the nodes in the rigid body?
  6. ok thank very much i have a problem with the bolts, that is that i cant make a rigid body in the hole of th bolt any idea?
  7. An another when it finishes the simulation why it does appear like this?
  8. Last thing any idea of how to do a rigid body of the bolt? The thing is that i dont now how to select all this part
  9. Was ANIM/DT file thank very much
  10. Ok perfect thank very much! Any idea of why is not showing me the result button?
  11. And how can i do that? Sorry Im new in this program
  12. Hi Ivan, First of all, thank you for the respond . In the image below I was putting the honeycomb material in "espuma" and " honey" and it was a BRICK, in which way I can change number of nodes? As I have seen in the pdf that you have send me, if you have BRICK the only way to have compatibility is by having 8 nodes so what can i do?
  13. Hi, Someone knows why is giving me those errors?
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