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  1. I found the problem! Somehow, one port was in reverse polarization which caused the 180 degrees phase shift. Thanks for your help @Peter Futter
  2. Hi, I have a 4by4 symmetrical phased array, but something strange is happening with my S-parameters. Because my array is symmetrical, the following should approximately be the same: S11=S1616, S21 = S1516 etc. However, when I look in my .s16p file, S1516 is -180 degrees shifted in phase with respect to S21. What causes this shift? Thanks in advance! MWA_tile_sur_v3.cfx MWA_tile_sur_v3.cfx.bak MWA_tile_sur_v3.fek MWA_tile_sur_v3.opt MWA_tile_sur_v3.out MWA_tile_sur_v3.pfg MWA_tile_sur_v3.pre MWA_tile_sur_v3.str MWA_tile_sur_v3_SParameter1.s16p MWA_tile_sur_v3.bof MWA_tile_sur_v3.cfm MWA_tile_sur_v3.cfs
  3. Here are the model files. Let me know if it was a bug or a mistake I made! MWA_tile_sur.cfx MWA_tile_sur.fek MWA_tile_sur.pfg MWA_tile_sur.pre MWA_tile_sur.bof MWA_tile_sur.cfm MWA_tile_sur.cfs
  4. Hello @Peter Futter, Thanks for your quick response! I found a workaround. Now I just go to the S-parameter configuration in CADFEKO and check the "Export S-parameter to Touchstone file (* .snp)". Then it automatically computes the .s16p file and with this file I can post-process and convert it to the .y16p file. However, shall I still include the model files, so that you can figure out if it is a bug or something?
  5. Hi, I am trying to export Y-parameters of an array which includes 16 elements, hence, 16 ports. I want to create a .y16p file but every time I try to export POSTFEKO crashes and is not responding. I know it is a lot of data to export, but is there any other way to get Zparameter data? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have implemented what you told me and it is working! I've got what I wanted, thanks
  7. Hi Madelé, thanks for your response! I will try that.
  8. Hi, I am trying to run a POSTFEKO script from my CADFEKO script. But when I want to run a function from my POSTFEKO script in my CADFEKO script it gives the following error: "attempt to index global 'pf' (a nil value)" The code looks still messy, but I want to know why I cannot do a pf.GetApplication() when running from a CADFEKO project. FEKO_automation_processing.lua FEKO_pos_processing.lua
  9. @Torben Voigt That would be great!
  10. Hi Jif, Thanks for the quick and great response! I've got what I wanted, many thanks to you!
  11. Hi, I have plotted data in POSTFEKO with API scripting, but I do not know how I can export each graph as a .dat file. Can someone help me with that? And is there a macro recording option for POSTFEKO, because I could not find it. Thanks in advance! With kind regards, Meerten Lua_example_post.lua
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