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  1. The reader option in Hyperview is empty when I installed the latest hyperworks 2019.1. Can anyone else help me to solver this issue? thank you very much.
  2. pic1 shows the script running in the background. pic2 shows the script running with opening GUI. the two are used the same script, but the size of pictures are totally difference. could you please help me to solve this problem??? P.S. pic1 used this command to run the script: hw.exe -b -tcl C:/Users/Desktop/test.tcl pic2 used "hw.exe -c -tcl C:/Users/Desktop/test.tcl" thanks you very much for your prompt reply
  3. I got from this command as below: C:\Program Files\Altair\14.0\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe -h the help shows hw.exe -s can modify the size of the application,but I don't know how to use it.......
  4. hi there, how can I use this command ----hw.exe -s ?? Thanks very much for your prompt reply
  5. Hi there, I wanted to run a TCL script without opening the GUI of HyperView, and I need to capture the pictures in my script. But if I used "hw.exe -b -tcl C:/Users/Desktop/test.tcl", the size of pictures I got from the results are too small. They were different from opening the GUI. The purpose of using Batch is that it runs without opening the GUI of HyperView and got full-screen picture,. Is there something additional that I need to add to command prompt line or to my script???
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