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  1. Merula

    topology optimization method ( optistruct)

    Hi @Bakr Amine, in Optistruct, the SIMP Method is used. You can read about it on the following resources: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783540429920 https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebooks-2/free-ebook-practical-aspects-of-structural-optimization-a-study-guide/ Best regards, Merula
  2. Merula

    Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    Hey guys, what do you think of the result I got for the CClip. I saw it is not a symmetric result although the input and loadcase is symmetric. Ignore the buckling constraint for now. My question is: Is this procedure correct? The compliance is better than with topology optimization. I attached the following results: 1) Input Deck of the topology optimization (modified version of the cclip tutorial): cclip1.fem 2) Result of the topology optimization (modified version of the cclip tutorial): cclip1_des.h3d 3) Input Deck of the Shape Optimization ShapeOptimization.fem 4) Result of the Shape Optimization ShapeOptimization_des.h3d Best regards, Merula ShapeOptimization_des.h3d ShapeOptimization_des.fem cclip1.fem cclip1_des.h3d
  3. Merula

    scripting in simlab

    Thanks @Alessio Librandi!
  4. Merula

    HyperView Batch Mode

    Hi there, thanks for that script. Unfortunately I cannot see how to add a second result file. I want to create an envelope loadstep of all topology optimization load steps. These are saved into separate files. (s1,s2,...) There is the option in hyperview to add a second result file to generate a derived loadstep. But I cannot find any in the help (e.g. append Simulations only allows ids, not paths to files). Any ideas? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  5. Merula

    Query Result as HDF5?

    Hi there, I want to export stress querrys with large data sets. Until no I use: myModel GetQueryCtrlHandle myQuery [...] myQuery WriteData ... This results in large files. Is there a way to export also compressed data formats like .hdf5? I know you can export hdf5 directly with control cards when running the simulation, but is it also possible afterwards? Thanks in advance and best regards, Merula
  6. Hi there, I want to create a derived loadstep (witch .tcl) from multiple stress results of a topology optimization. As I couldn't find a way to do this without having all subcases in one file, I wanted to ask: Is it possible to get all stress results of an optimization not in separate files (s1,s2,s3,s4.....) but in one single h3d file? Alternatively if I have overseen the possibility to load to this as it is described here ( please let me know Thanks and best regards, Merula
  7. Merula

    Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    @Prakash Pagadala Yes, this is a concept as it does not change the shape of the actual 1d elements but the location of the linking points, but nevertheless important when you come from a topology optimization and want to fine tune the reconstructed results (when using simple bars for example). A gauge optimization would be the final step. Best regards, Merula
  8. Merula

    Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    I digged on this a little deeper and found a way to optimize 1d elements.... it is possible if you choose freehand under morphing and save the shapes after having changed the node positions. Best regards, Merula
  9. Merula

    Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    Do I have to use morph volumes for this? I would like to just simply define that each node can freely move in x y z within a certain range. Minimizing the stress is the objective. I share a model file, where I have a simple beam setup where I would guess that a symetric design would be optimal. I stuck at defining the shapes.... I've learned that free shape is not possible because I have no 2d/3d elements Best regards, Merula beam.hm
  10. Merula

    Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    @Prakash Pagadala thanks. Can you show me how to realize this or send me a model file where I can see this? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for this clarification. Looking forward to this update.
  12. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, as far as I understood this, maxsucc is a constraint from manufacturing side... Why is it limited to 0 90 45 -45 ? Is there a physical reason for this or just a TODO in the feature list? Best regards
  13. As promised, here are the files. StackingModel (1).out StackingModel (1).fem