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  1. Just to complete this, in case anyone is trying to look it up: its -u<ProfileName> without a space... so for example: -uOptiStruct or -uAnsys SubProfiles is done with -a .... so for example: -uAbaqus -aStandard3d That will save some time :-) All the best to you guys!
  2. Is there a way to change the default user profile to "Optistruct" for example? I looked into the hwsettings.xml but could not find an entry which would change the option with which user profile hypermesh starts... Thanks and best regards Merula
  3. That worked! Thanks...! It seems a bit off to me that you have to start a run just to borrow a license but okay, I can live with that. I noticed Hyperworks does take a lot more time to start when working with borrowed licenses (start of hypermesh as well as the start of the solver) ... I guess it tries to reach the license server from the system variable first and after a timeout, the borrowed licenses come into play... is there a way to solve this issue? I know that this is complaining on high standards But it would help me a lot as I have to open hypermesh a lot as I am testing automated setup procedures Thanks and best regards Merula
  4. Hey guys, maybe to complete this...one more quesiton I created a .bat file for borrowing 24h which looks like this cd C:\"Program Files"\Altair\2018\security\bin\win64\ almutil.exe -borrow 24 now it tells me to open the the software tools I want to borrow. Now the question is: How to open a solver?! I want to borrow the optistruct solver. Starting optistruct.exe (the solver interface from the start menu) did not get me opstistruct to run when I disconnected from the network where my license server is.... how can I borrow the solver?! Thanks Merula
  5. As I see it, there is no easy tcl command like *createmark to solve your issue as the wholes are not of the same shape (like all cylindrical holes could be easily selected with a "by cylinder"). Well, all the elements, you want to select share one property: They are at the boundaries of your element set and they for a closed loop. So to select the elements you want, you have to do the following: - read in all the elements which are there - identify all elements with node ids, that are only referenced once in the entire element set (those are the boundary elements) - identify all closed loops within that element set You can do it with any programming language you like. Files to be processed are: the .fem file for getting the elements and nodes as well as the _des.h3d for getting the element densities. If there is an easy solution for this, I would be greatly interested if someone could share the findings. The above process takes a while (but on the other hand is applicable for 2d and 3d as well) All the best, Merula
  6. I just looked into implementing this. One problem I had is this: When I have to define the shell element to be the element to define how much the beam gets pushed out, I would have to map the diameters to the shell elements (for different diameters). Is there a way to consider the 1D diameter? Thanks in advance and best regards Merula
  7. Just a note ... this command is deprecated I guess, it still works but a problem occured when dealing with large amoung of ids ...to assign to a set.. this way it works! *createmark elems 2 "by collector" 1 *entitysetcreate ELEMS elems 2 *setvalue sets id=2 cardimage="SET_ELEM" *setvalue sets id=2 STATUS=0 5422=LIST set ids [hm_getmark elems 2] eval *setvalue sets id=2 ids={elems $ids} the step with set ids ... is critical.
  8. Good question... I suggest he wants to do it with a location... so all beams with a distance lower than x ...
  9. Did you execute the first two lines? User Profile Optistruct? maybe just copy it into the tcl command console (at the bottom of the window) Hope this helps Merula
  10. You just know everything tinh :-D Exactly what I was looking for the other day! Thanks!
  11. *createmark elements 1 "by config" "bar" set beamIds [hm_getmark elements 1] foreach beamID $beamIds { # Create New Component *createentity comps name=Component_$beamID # create material *createentity mats cardimage=MAT1 name=material_$beamID set materialID [hm_entityinfo id material "material_$beamID"] *setvalue mats id=$materialID STATUS=1 1=210000 *setvalue mats id=$materialID STATUS=1 3=0.3 *setvalue mats id=$materialID STATUS=1 4=7.85e-009 *setvalue mats id=$materialID STATUS=1 2=80769.2 # Create New Property *createentity props cardimage=PBEAM name=property_$beamID set propertyID [hm_entityinfo id property "property_$beamID"] *setvalue props id=$propertyID cardimage="PBEAM" *setvalue props id=$propertyID materialid={mats $materialID} # Assign it to Component ## Assign the property and Material *setvalue comps id=[hm_entityinfo id component "Component_$beamID"] propertyid={props $propertyID} ## Assign BeamSection To Property *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=2 3186={beamsects 1} *createmark properties 1 $propertyID *syncpropertybeamsectionvalues 1 *mergehistorystate "" "" *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=2 500=1 *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=0 36=0 *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=0 37=0 *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=0 38=0 *setvalue props id=$propertyID STATUS=0 39=0 #Move Element *createmark elements 1 $beamID *movemark elements 1 "Component_$beamID" } It for sure is not ideal and it will take a while but I am curious what the experts think about it :-D Best regards Merula
  12. You can solve this with a .tcl script easily. Are you familiar with scripting ? Best regards Merula
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