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  1. Hi support, I want to project all surface nodes to original geometry at one time. I know projection panel(shift+f7) but its taking more time. is there any option other than these? so that I can project to original geometry with any issues. Thank you,
  2. Hi support, I want to check FE connectivity of hex mesh model. when I use free edges option, still I am getting some free edges in outer boundaries(I know this is ok). is there any option to ensure FE connectivity of hex mesh model? Thank you,
  3. use *clearance and its value between them.
  4. Hi, admins & staff ! Why Hypermesh completely built using TCL? If they built using python, people will get lot of help for CAE automation. why they choose TCL? Can we expect Hypermesh based on Python in future? have a nice day! thank you
  5. Hi, I faced this issue many times. Hm not generating properly even if we mention no.of layer in that tab. one more thing I can suggest to get what you want. offset 2D shell elements(number of layers optional) through section/thickness, and then generate tet mesh. note: make sure offset element layers should be on before generating tet. hope you will definitely get what you want ! thanks
  6. ok, thanks I am using v14.0. may be your hm is new version. thanks
  7. hi tinh, thanks for your reply. I did not find "ID Rules" check box in export tab. can show me with picture?
  8. Hi experts, I am facing some issues with node/element numbering in Hypermesh14.0. when I check the min/max node/element range in renumbering panel its showing whatever I renumbered before. but when I export(displayed) into abaqus inp file, getting different node/element numbering. any solution for this? thank you
  9. Hi pooja, thanks for your reply. I already resolved my issue. Thing is i want to know the reason behind it. anything to do with node tole? thank you,
  10. Hi, I have come across a problem regarding node sets in hm (abaqus 3D profile). some of the node sets writing into unnecessary inp part file. (assume lug and bush geometries). I have created node sets for only lug part. some of them writing into bush inp file. what is the reason for this issue? Thank you
  11. hi, how to review the local system coordinates in hypermesh? I want review the a,b&c node locations. that means system coordinates w.r.t that particular system. thank you,
  12. Hi, Can you show me with some pictures. I want to review the coordinates of node a,b & c w.r.t to local csys (shown above). thank you,
  13. hi , how to view the *system coordinates w.r.t to local CSYS in Hypermesh? becoz when write abaqus inp file system coordinates are resolving into global CSYS. pls find image attached below for your reference. thank you
  14. ok, Thank you sir. i would like to ask one more question i.e Q) how to export material data (including E, NU & RHO values) to CSV file in hypermesh?
  15. Dear Sir, how to view and change 1D element normals in Hypermesh? Thanks in advance Regards, Gopi
  16. Yeah it is very useful command. Successfully done. Thanks @tinh
  17. Hi , I tried with below command but did not get comp mat and thickness names. regexp -nocase {^([^_]+)_([^_]+)_t(.+)$} $comp_name can suggest me another method to split this (ex:comp1_mat1_txx). I want to split this onto three different parts i.e comp1, mat1, & xx (thickness value) thanks in advance
  18. Thanks for your quick reply. yeah i want to split according '_ . (underscore) but how to assign to different variable using above logic? i want to do like this: set compname xxxxxxx(logic) set matname xxxxxxxx(logic) set thickness [string trimleft [lindex [split $comp_name _] end] t] getting some error please check below pic
  19. Dear Sir, I am Begineer to TCL scripting. need small help actually i am developing a small script i.e lets say i have few components with naming like COMPNAME_MATNAME_Txx. this script will read COMPNAME & and it will create a PSHELL property with thickness (xx) with same name. and also it will read MATNAME and it will create material with same name. Q) i want split the original compname & matname and assign to some variable like this : set thickness [string trimleft [lindex [split $comp_name _] end] t] how to do this one? I have done with simple commands like (string range).please refer below picture Thank you, Regards, Gopi
  20. Hi, it seems to be bit interesting. i have checked Vizualization toolbar but did not find anything related to 1d elements. could please tell me how to check? thanks in advance Regards, Gopi
  21. Dear Sir, I am performing simple 1D analysis of cantiliver with point load at its free end. i know how to create some well known section like rectangle, square...etc. i want to create taper cross section. Is there any possibility to create taper cross section in Hyperbeam? Thanks in advance. Regards, Gopi
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