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  1. Dear Johan Thanks for your reply. Yes i have a an infinite cylinder inside a loop. You are right with PBC besides the cylinder, the loop is repeated. (i dont want it) I want only the cylinder Do you have any proposal how to solve this type of problem Thanks
  2. I am trying to simulate an infinite PEC cylinder inside a circular loop. For the infinite cylinder i used Periodic Boundary Condition. In case 1 i have a cylinder with height h1 and PBC, In case 2 i have a cylinder with height height h2 and PBC, The strange is that the results are different. How is this possible? "In both cases the cylinders have infinite height". Am i correct? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. Here is the geometry. It is very simple but how the infinity should be declared. I would like to know the near, far field and the reflection coefficient.
  4. Dear JIF First of all i would like to thank you for the immediate response. Until now the small circular loop model is the only solution that i can think. Theoretically speaking the circumference of the loop should be C<0.2λ but in FEKO in order to achieve a good result should be at least C<λ/100. (just for informative purpose). Do you have any idea how i can simulate 3 Cubes: 1st PEC,Dielectric, 2nd PEC; The structure (PEC, Diel, PEC) should be infinite along z-axis and in addition the second cube should be infinite to z and x-axis.
  5. Dear all First of all i have little experience with EM software and i will be very happy if you give me some guidelines and support. I am trying to simulate a circular loop antenna but it is necessary the current distribution to be uniform (constant)Iφ=I0 in order to compare the analytical solution directly with the simulated one. I m trying to insert multiple voltage sources but i cant achieve constant current (phase and amplitude). Do you have any idea or advice how it will be possible; Are there any tutorial or example or advice how to simulate 2D structures in FEKO? I would like to simulate something like the parallel plate WG but i have infinity to z-axis and y-axis. One solution is the PBC; Are the any other method; Thanks in advance
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