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  1. Hi, Please clarify how to define an enforced rotation about an axis in optistruct. Component is a shaft one end is fixed, other end enforced rotation about shaft axis (replicating a similar displacement if a torque was applied at the end). Thank You.
  2. In a fatigue analysis setup in optistruct solver is it absolutely essential that the component to have no life (fatigue failure) if : - static analysis stress exceeds ultimate tensile strength of material component. - load time history 1 cycle is 0 1 0 Please provide some clarification regarding this matter.
  3. Hello, Thank You Sir for clarification on stress averaging. I have performed a fatigue analysis with Maximum static stress = 616.88 MPa I got min life = 5397 But the Ultimate Tensile Strength of the material given as input = 586 MPa My question is the component should fail at UTS but even though stress is higher i.e. 616.88 MPa the fatigue life is more than 5000 cycles, shouldn't the life be closer to 0 cycles.
  4. Hello, In fatigue analysis which stress averaging method should be used, As there is a huge difference in fatigue life results for none and simple averaging method.
  5. Hello, I have a query regarding TABFAT card definition. I am unable to import the load time history with 0.5 sec time interval. Optistruct is automatically assuming 1 sec time interval. I have attached the load time history details in a word file. I will be obliged if you take a look and comment on how to take the time data with 0.5 sec interval. TABFAT Query.doc
  6. Sir i have attached 2 .rnf files 1 for Case 1, 1 cycle 0 1 0 another is case 2 , 1 cycle 0 1 1 0 Please comments on the load time history query.
  7. Sir currently i dont have all RNFLOW files I have to run analysis again for each case to get the file. I tried for 1 case i have a .rnf file in the directory. It is more than 60 Mb. Can you hint how to open this file. So that i can check myself. Can you please answer the third query on how much load time history i should import for both cases.
  8. Sir i am not able to follow. Can you hint which is the RNFLOW file and how to get it.
  9. Thank You Sir for your suggestion i have performed fatigue analysis with no repetition of load cycles but obtained conflicting results. I have attached the results and query in a word file. It will be a great help if you have a look and comment on it. RESULTS COMPARISION.doc
  10. Hello Sir, The load magnitude is same in both the cases is 1.0 The Load amplitude is not same. In case 1 for 2.5 seconds the load varies as 0 1 0 1 0 1 But in case 2 for 2.5 seconds the load varies as 0 1 1 0 1 1 How many seconds of load time history is required for optimal result as i have mentioned in my query it hugely affects the life results.
  11. I have performed fatigue analysis with different load time histories. I am confused with the result obtained. I have attached my results and query in a word file. Please help. FATIGUE LIFE COMPARISION.doc
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