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  1. Hi I tried to export a mesh to STL file. However a prompt out says that " Unable to export file". The error shows division by zero.
  2. Hi I think I found the problem: I used solid45 and fluid30 for the simulation. These two elements do not have a pyramid option. So when transport HM mesh to ANSYS, all these elements will be gone. Thank you anyway.
  3. Premanand I used the ANSYS template to open my mesh file. And I export the mesh with ANSYS file type and template as .cdb file. I have tried to just export one outermost element from my CFD component and it also failed.
  4. I imported my model with CFD tetramesh elements (Fluid 30) to ANSYS ADPL. The outer layer of the CFD elements were all missed. Anyone has similar problem before?
  5. After I deleted the elements and displayed all, still 0 nodes were found for equivalence. Can you try that for me, as I have uploaded the model.
  6. Hi, Mario Thank you very much! How can I solve this? I have tried deleting the element and manually making penta element, but the problem remained.
  7. The other edges are correct. Only these two are related to connection and should be removed. Thank you very much!
  8. Actually when I used "face" function. I found a face between the two elements. "Equivelance" did not work as well.
  9. So does it mean that I don't need to worry about the free edge for my case?
  10. I know someone has asked this topic before. However, all the solution I found did not work on my case. I used "edges" to find the free edges between two hex elements. I have tried to remove it by " equivalence " and by deleting the elements and creating them again. When I checked the nodes on the two hex elements. I found that there is one shared node has two ID numbers. So I also tried to replace one ID with another ID. None all these methods worked. Please help me. Thank you very much! Ch_Inner_v11.6.hm
  11. Hi When I tried to mesh an enclosed 2D shell with CFD elements, it gives me an error says there are elements resulting in invalid cfgs due to node collapsing. I did see some highlighted shell elements. What should I do to resolve this? Thanks ahead
  12. Ivan Thank you. I am sure they are intact lines. bug1.bmp
  13. Is this a bug of Hypermesh? Or some setting goes wrong? The smooth line and skin surface functions suddenly work improperly. They only capture two points of the node list in the smooth line case. And it only generates a surface cover some part of the line I used to make skin surface. bug1.bmp
  14. Ivan Thank you very much! Offset does not work for my case, because my penta elements are along a curve, not a straight line. Manually creating is too much work. However, I did find the solution. I can use the "linear solid". Anyway, thank you all the same.
  15. I am trying to generate mesh at the corner. One side is a surface, another side is a line. So I want to use penta mesh. However, when I use the general solid map function. It always generates hex mesh. How can I penta mesh?
  16. Thank you, Udhay. I did include self interference. Still, there is no result.
  17. Hi I have a model that clearly have elements penetrating each other. However, when I run the penetration check, it always shows "no interactions/penetrations". Can anyone help me? Thanks ahead.
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