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  1. Actually what I am trying to model with TABLED1 is the stiffness of the elements. In my example I expect maximum displacement of 1.71 mm but that is not the case.
  2. Dear Adriano, Thank you for your answer. My real model is much more complex with couple of more Cbush elements carrying a large system that is exposed to acceleration forces, so I am not sure if your suggestion would work as I dont know how much force is distributed for each Cbush element. What I need is that each Cbush element carries different load values with a maximum deflection. Can you be more specific please? Thank you.
  3. Hello every one, I have created a demo model (all dofs are constrained at bottom and upper side allowed to move in vertical direction and rotations are free as well) to understand the characteristics of CBUSH element nonlinear properties. When I load my structure with 3484 N I get 1.71 mm displacement but increasing the load increases the displacement. Here are some screenshots: Thank you very much for your replies. Regards,
  4. Hello Livil, I would like to change the format on the results GUI upper right corner: I would like to have 11.77 instead of 1.176624E+01. Thank you. Regards
  5. Hello everyone, Is there a way to change the numbering format for the frequencies? Regards
  6. Great scientific approach from you. Thanks!
  7. To be honest, I did not dig into the theory.
  8. Dear sathya, SOLID95 (legacy ET) and SOLID186 supports 9 node pyramids. When you mesh a volume with 1st order hex elements then the connected volume with 2nd order tet, Ansys automatically creates 9 node pyramids at transition region. There are examples for hex to tet transition in web. Regards,
  9. Hello everyone, I meshed a geometry with both tet and hex elements. I would like tet elements to be 2nd order. So the pyramid elements which are used for the transition should not have mid nodes at hex side. However, using the "order change" for both tet and pyramid elements creates midside nodes everywhere. Is there a way to eliminate midside nodes of pyramid elements at rectangular face (9 node pyramids). Thank you in advance. Regards, Emre
  10. Hello Tinh, How do I make selection of nodes between lines (surfaces for my case). Thank you. Regards, Emre
  11. Hello tinh, catch command made it work perfectly fine. Thank you very much! Regards,
  12. I use the following commands to search for interactions for each surface but this gives and error when I call from a tcl file. *createmark surfs 1 "all" set surflist [hm_getmark surfs 1] foreach surfid $surflist { *createmark lines 1 1 eval *createmark surfs 2 $surfid *nodecreateatintersection lines 1 surfaces 2 0 }
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