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  1. Yes, I am aware of this. But for my analysis, I have to use STL only. I have converted 2D surface mesh into 3D using hypermesh
  2. yes I am using it for FEA only, not for 3D printing.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. But It is not clear to me, how to convert stl to solid geometry? STL file has very irregular and complicated shapes.
  4. I cannot select solids in boolean opeartion. STL parts are converted into 3D mesh
  5. yes, my 3D mesh is based on stl. I don't have solid geometry.
  6. how to subtract two tetramesh components from one another in hypermesh? I was having stl files, then I have converted them into 3D tetramesh. Now i want to subtract volume of one part from other.
  7. I need help defining the contact between the parts shown in the attached image. The solver is Abaqus. I have given tie constraint between 1st and 2nd part (both master and slave are selected as surface). these two parts should be like glued to each other and no separation between them. but the tie is not working as the 1st part is passing through the other. also, the 1d line element should move with the parts to which it is connected. thank you
  8. @Elimaes12 Thank you for your suggestion. I have two situations, one they should slide once they come in contact and for others, they should not slide but should remain glued to each other like single part. But there are initial small gaps between parts (very small like 1mm). so, how should I go for it?
  9. @Rahul Rajan Thank you for your reply. But once I set up freeze contact in hypermesh as OptiStruct Solver, I am not able to export the file suitable for Abaqus solver. because I will be using Abaqus for further simulations.
  10. hello, I want to give frictionless bonded contact between each part. The parts which are bonded together should move simultaneously and should not intersect each other or pass through others after contact begins. eg bones with the articulating surface. (one part is bone and other is articulating surface)
  11. I have 3d mesh file in hypermesh all c3d4 elements and I am not able to export the file into STL file format. I have edited the mesh and now I want to export the final file in STL format. the user profile is Abaqus. please help me. same part I was able to export before editing mesh. now it is showing error as 1250 elements are not defined in the template. I have updated the element type already still it is giving me the same error. thank you
  12. thanks for your quick reply.
  13. Hello, I have a model in the form of STL file format. I have imported STL file in HyperMesh. but there are components which are intersecting with each other. I cannot change the shape of the component and being STL file there is no geometry. Is there any way to remove intersecting parts? and convert stl to 3d mesh for FEA simulation?
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