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  1. thanks a alo, its working very good now. i have problem only by visualisation :/ I want to illustrate in this form see below..
  2. where can i find the Fv icon ? can you tell me execution?
  3. Hey, which tools in AcuFiedView can i visualize the velocity-variation on the windshield? i used boundary surface but it isnt worked. The sectional images below was made with coordinate surface.
  4. i used on hypermesh at 2D-Mesh min/max. mesh size , but i can define by AcuSolve a global mesh size, because i have one volume, or not ? Additionally i can define curvature parameters, but my question is, is 0,02 m suitable for this model?
  5. which global mesh size (absolute) is suitable for this model ?
  6. no, it is not windshield defrost, we want to construct side-outlet from the airflow, and bevor we want to see, how the air will distribute,( i mean the direction of the flow), i think in hypermesh it worked so, but by acusolve, i dont know how can i define the surface (simple boundary condition)?
  7. Hi, i have to simulate the airdistrubiton on the windshield, so i modulated a cabin with a airflow. So i have 2 volume, how can i define the intersection(surface) between airflow-volume and cabin-volume ? I have set on the Type: wall and wall function : None , is that correct ?
  8. Yes , i am trying to export with Nastran(Fluent) Standart Format. There is a mesintersections.dat. You can see on the images.
  9. Hey, I'm trying import the surface Mesh(*.Nas) from HyperMesh into AcuSolve and getting an error as below. Where am I going wrong ? Best regards Nevin
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