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  1. Felipe, I have another question regarding the flex bodies. Do the following factors - Vehicle weight, CG, Wheel base, front braking ratio, axle ratio etc.. have any effect on the static ride analysis? I have a flex lower control arm and I am doing static ride analysis. No matter what values I give for the above factors, the stress and strain values of the lower control arm are not changing. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am trying to create a flexible lower control arm using the FlexPrep utility tool in 2017.2 student version. I am facing the following issues: 1. "Create RBE2 Spider" tab not active, hence I am not able to switch to HyperMesh to create a RBE2 spider whose center is one of the interface nodes. 2. As a workaround, I manually created the RBE2 spider in OptiStruct and exported the solver deck as a *.fem file. When I try to use this file for creating a flexbody. I am getting an error. I have pasted a snapshot of the flex prep utility and the error message when I try to generate the flexbody below. I have also attached the *.fem file and *.out file . Please take a look and let me know how this issue can be resolved. sla_flex_left_RBE2_created.fem sla_flex_left.out
  3. Hi Praful, Sure. I have attached the cam follower model files as an example. The model used to get imported successfully in the student version 14.0. However, the cam graphic does not get imported into the 2017.2 student version. i have pasted a snapshot of the image below. I am facing similar issues with some other models too. Please let me know how this issue can be resolved. Thanks, Sushanth chapter10.zip
  4. Hello, I cannot open MV 14.0 model files in 2017.2 (student edition). The graphic file has a problem during the import. Please let me know if there is any workaround. Thanks,
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