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  1. Hi,friends and experts, When I am simulating a not that electric large simulation model, FEKO always give me some error: not dynamic memory allocation. I do check the reason. It was found that when goes to the precondioner calculation, it will need a a lot of memory. Also, different preconditioners may lead to different memory requirement. So after goes to the No precondioner settings, there will be no problem at this stage. However, when goes to the iteration procedure, it will also have that problem. Could anyone can help me with this problem? The model is attached here. Thanks. typeC.cfs typeC.cfx typeC.cfm
  2. Hi, Johan, Thanks a lot. Your method solve my problems perfectly. When I built the DP card manually, I just used the format of the example in the FEKO User's manual. Also, I need to pay attention to those card position. You are so kind
  3. Hi, when I use the AP card to construct a planar aperture and import an .hfe file as an near field source, the input information is always wrong. Here, I define three points as the S1 S2 S3 vector to indicate the info of aperture. And the Edit Feko commond I write is as follows. DP P1 0.35 -0.3 0.2 DP P2 0.35 0.3 0.2 DP P3 0.35 -0.3 2.2 AP: 0 : -2 : P1 : P2 : P3 : 1 : 61 : 221 : 1 : 180 : : : : "PO-NFD.hfe" ** NFD However, there is always some error: ERROR 30239 in line 5 of the file PO2step.pre: Undefined angle between three vertex points (same points) Could anyone provide me some help about this? Thanks. PO2step.cfx PO2step.pre PO-NFD.hfe
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