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  1. Hi, Can we do axisymmetric analysis in Radioss?? Thanks
  2. Hi Pritish, I couldn't figure it out, i will let you know if it gets resolved. Regards, chethan
  3. Further when we run a simulation, it won,t consume any tokens??
  4. Overall how many tokens does it required to run an analysis in inspire??
  5. Hi, Its a tutorial model(baseline analysis), version is 2017.3.2 and i'm not using student version. Regards, Chethan
  6. Hi, I'm a beginner to this solid thinking inspire and i'm not able to run one tutorial model, i'm getting the following error Kindly help me with this error. Regards, Chethan
  7. Hi, NO warning message in the out file NA field has default value, should that be changed? Regards, Chethan
  8. Hi, I am using Mooney Rivlin(MOOR) model, Yes i am using LGDISP=1 and HASHASSM=YES. I don't think i can share the material data. Is there any option to control the hourglass effect for PLSOLID card image?? How to control element distorsion? Regards, Chethan
  9. Hi, I am using first order elements. I can't share the complete out file, since i am using uniaxial and planar test data for hyperelastic material and these values will be in out file to calculate the constants. But if you want to see any particular information in out file i can cut paste. Regards, Chethan
  10. Hi, I am working on a bellows model (Hyperelastic material) and i am facing contact issues, i tried with self contact both N2S and S2S CONSLI with friction value trials of 0.1 and 0.2 and i am not able to solve the issue. Can you suggest any other iterations i could try with? (Solver:Optistruct , version 2017.2.2) Sectional view of the model is shown below Regards, Chethan
  11. Hi, So optistruct models doesn't support ddm method?? i tried with different models and i am getting the same warning message, I am trying to run my optistruct job on a linux machine with multiple cores. But irrespective of the number I give, my job runs only on one CPU. Regards, Chethan
  12. Hi, If it doesn't support ddm then it automatically switches to the the other method ?? Since my run has completed do i need to suspect the result? Regards, Chethan
  13. Hi, ANALYSIS RESULTS : ------------------ *** INFORMATION # 1420 Unsupported solution sequence, switching run to serial mode. *** WARNING # 1418 Parallel OptiStruct (-ldm) cannot handle some subcases defined. Switch to serial run or parallel run with domain decomposition method (-ddm). I am getting the above warning message, i need to know the reason for this message, is this because of the SMP run? Regards, Chethan
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