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  1. Hi @Prakash Pagadala thanks for your reply The first method: you mean i can work with the same topology in the assembly wizard (Mutlilink with 1 LCA) and just change the mass, inertia and CG to run the analysis ? How about that added integral link that creates an extra relative degree of motion ? The second method: I already have the CAD for the entire rear suspension .. is there any way to use to run my KnC analysis ? In this case, I just import the CAD and work on it without using the already built-in models in the assembly wizard ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I want to do a K&C analysis for Tesla Model S Rear Suspension which is a Multilink with an integral link between the knuckle and the lower control arm. I selected the closest topology from Assembly Wizard which is Multilink Suspension with 1 LCA. Now, anyone can provide the steps/procedure to edit this topology and add this integral link ? Thanks
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