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  1. I am getting the same error message even after setting the acusolve directory to the bin. The problem ist that the .bat file for acuconsole isn't found. Is this linked to acusolve? In fact, I can launch acuconsole separately, but not via hypermesh. Also, I am able to expor the solver deck as a .nas file (Nastran Fluent Standard Format) or as a .inp or .arm file (AcuSolve) but not as a .imp file as stated in the Hypermesh Tutorial (CFD-1800: Using Engineering Solutions, AcuSolve and HyperView to Perform a CFD Analysis). When I export the file in .nas format, I can open it in AcuConsole, but there is only 1 surface available, and not all the surfaces that I had set up in Hypermesh. When I export the file in .inp format, it opens in AcuConsole, but nothing is visible, not even a graphic, although the prompt mentions that a mesh is already open(please see import message below): I would appreciate your help to: 1) clarify why .imp file isn't an option despite being mentioned in the tutorial, 2) how to export the solver deck correctly (I followed the tutorial steps to set up the model, although the model I used was a simple plate of 1 unit thickness as displayed below). 3) I am also trying to reinstall acuconsole to see if maybe there was an installation issue. Could you provide me a guidance on the correct installation and setup procedure for hypermesh, acuconsole and acusolve. I appreciate your assistance. With thanks & regards. All surfaces as I had set them up are here below for your reference including the acusolve launcher setup: Opening a .inp file: No graphic, no surfaces, nothing visible or present, but it states "Problem already contains a Mesh": The same .bat file error is shown:
  2. Thank you. That clarifies alot. I have managed to create a CFD Tetra Mesh for the model and have created all reaquired faces and am ready to export the file to AcuConsole. Unfortunately, Hypermesh cannot find the required file to make the launch (Please refer to error message below). The file in question and AcuConsole is in fact already installed. How do I correct this? Appreciate your help.
  3. Thank you for the reply. OK. I have a few more questions on this: 1) Is it possible to skip AcuConsole altogether? Can we mesh and set up boundary conditions in HyperMesh and then run it directly in AcuSolve? 2) On an unrelated note): Is it possible to generate a geometry in Hypermesh for CFD? Meaning, we create nodes, lines, then surfaces, and then mesh these surfaces and generate a volume mesh to perform a CFD analysis? Or must we always have a geometry model ready prior to beginning work with Hypermesh and AcuSolve? 3) Also, is it possible to generate other kinds of mesh other than tetra meshes for CFD? I thank you for your help. With thanks & regards.
  4. Ok I think I understand. I need to delete the surface mesh I created initially and only keep the generated 3D mesh in order to have an enclosed 3D mesh. I now would like to export this 3D mesh and its geometry as nastran fluent standard to import it into AcuConsole. I see that AcuConsole requires that there should be surfaces to the geometry in order for the import to work. I agree to this, as I would need to input boundary conditions to my surfaces which would be set as regions. The question is now, how do I split my geometry into the separate surfaces or regions in hypermesh? I would appreciate if you could help me in this. With best regards.
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. Ok I have prepared a 3D Mesh in hypermesh. I now want to set the boundary conditions in acuconsole. Do I: 1) import the geometry .stl file and input the boundary conditions, 2) do I export the solver deck from hypermesh as a nastran file (this keeps showing an error message as seen below: regarding free edges), When I forcefully export the nastran file anyway, importing it into AcuConsole becomes a problem (as seen below as well). I would appreciate your advice on solving this problem.
  6. Dear Altair, I am simulating a laminar pipe flow as a rotation-symmetric plane model. I have prepared the mesh in hypermesh and need to now import the nastran (.nas) file in AcuConsole to set the boundary conditions. However, I am unable to do so. The .nas file is not corrupted. I have included below the AcuConsole import settings I used and the resultant error message for your reference. I would greatly appreciate your help. Isn't 2D CFD simulation possible with AcuConsole and AcuSolve? Thank you.
  7. Hello... I am doing a pipe flow cfd study with Hypermesh, AcuConsole and AcuSolve but am new to Altair. I would appreciate if there is any good online guideline on carying out such a pipe flow study from start to finish just so I can familiarize myself with the program features and set up procedures from one program to the next. Would really appreciate your feedback in this. Thanks!
  8. Hello... I am new to Hypermesh and AcuSolve and will be using both to investigate flows in pipes. I was wondering what is the Material option in Hypermesh for? Do we need to set our material properties in Hypermesh and then export the solver deck to AcuConsole? Or can we set our materials and material properties in AcuConsole? Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  9. I am currently doing a similar simulation but am new to Altair. The guideline given by acupro, is it done in Hypermesh or in AcuConsole? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am new to Hypermesh and am currently trying to mesh a pipe flow as an axial symmetric plane. I created the plane by creating a surface constructed from 4 nodes and lines. I now want to refine the mesh towards one side of the plane (the wall) exponentially and thicken it towards the other (the midpoint or axis of the pipe). I am facing some difficulty in doing this as the the mesh tends to skew towards the sides. I would basically appreciate some guidance tutorials on how to: 1) make simple models correctly with Hypermesh (simple planes, flowfield surfaces, maybe also bulletshaped flowfields in 2D and 3D), & 2) mesh for CFD studies (which means usage of aspect ratios and gradual mesh refinement to capture boundary layer effects are important). Could someone please recommend these? Also, I would appreciate your feedback on the problem I am facing above (what mistake am I making, or perhaps I am using the wrong features for my purpose). With thanks & regards, Kuharaaj Govindan.
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