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  1. Shane

    STR file currents

    Can someone please answer my above questions? Or an official FEKO support email address would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Shane

    STR file currents

    Hi @Wilco Strydom Thank you very much for your detailed explanation on the types of current vector in the .str file. However, could you please provide a link for the str2ascii utility? I can't find a working url link where the utility can be downloaded. Another question is, would FEKO be able to read an existing current file with user defined current data - either .str or .os and calculate the far-zone electric fields accordingly? If so, please advise me the procedures to follow. Thank you, Shane
  3. Good day, Some people have suggested using a str2ascii utility to properly access the STR file. My understanding is that the str2ascii utility does no longer exist and there's a function integrated to FEKO to replace it. I'm using FEKO 7.0.2, and I am wondering if someone can teach me how to read the STR file. In the quote below @RenierM briefly mentioned STR file contains "matrix solution coefficients" - what exactly is this? Is this the currents matrix in the MoM matrix equation [Z] = [V] ? what is the difference between the currents from the STR file and those from the OS file? My guess is the currents from OS file are obtained before applying certain expansion function such as RWG, and the currents from the STR file are after applying the expansion function. Thank you in advance for answering my questions. Shane
  4. Hi @JIF Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! Basically, I want to solve the EFIE for Method of Moment using the currents obtained from Z*I = V. I am hoping to obtain the complex current vector I for each triangle for each incident plane wave (basic radar cross section process). Are the currents at the middle of the triangles or the so-called "triangle currents" the complex vector I that I am looking for to solve EFIE equation? In addition, are the complex currents Jx, Jy and Jz (as shown in the attached picture) the currents at vertices or the currents at the middle of the triangles? Thanks to your thorough explanation, I now know how to calculate the magnitude of these currents. However, how do I somehow combine the imaginary part (or phase) of the x,y and z components of the currents so that I only have one complex current value per triangle per incident angle? As previously mentioned, I need to obtain a vector of complex currents for each triangle for each plane wave for the EFIE calculation. Thank you again for taking your time to answer my questions. I really appreciate your help. Cheers, Shane
  5. Hi Mel, Thank you for the clarification on the file format. I have already checked the manual regarding the .os file. However, my question would be how to obtain a complex scalar of the surface current (from each meshed triangle in MoM) from the complex current density vectors: Jx, Jy and Jz. Or how would FEKO do this numerically. Hi @JIF I have seen your previous answers that are somewhat similar to my question regarding the currents exported from FEKO . Would you mind helping me out on this one? Thank you in advance.
  6. I have come across a project, which requires some calculations of the currents output from FEKO MoM. I was able to export the .OS file from FEKO, but I do not have very good understanding of all the different components of the real and imaginary currents such as Jx, Jy, Jz, Jcorn1, 2 and 3, Jx, y z _c1, c2 and c3. Basically, I only need the surface currents from each meshed triangle, induced by plane waves from all directions - this can be represented by an N by M current matrix, where N is the number of incident plane waves and M is the number of small triangles. These matrices (one such matrix for each triangle) of currents will also directly contribute to the calculation of far-field radiation. Please, advise me how to utilize the data from the .OS file (or other files from FEKO) to obtain the aforementioned currents. Also, what is the different between surface currents and segment currents in FEKO? Thank you very much! Shane
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