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  1. Hello everybody, The corner data takes into account the closest integration points in order to integrate and calculate the stress. We are not able to retrieve the results of integration points inside Compose, but only the stress of the centroid using commands such as readcae, readvector or readmultvectors. I'm reading stress values from CAE file and writing in H3D file without corner data. For example, I have obtained the stresses of my model and I have written stresses (after post-processing) in H3D file with two matrix: 1. Element ID 2. Stress of the centroid So I have the next question: it is possible view my results with corner data with only results on the element centroid in compose? Thanks you very much in advance, Best regards, Adrián
  2. Hi everybody, I have solved a problem with the global system: X, longitudinal direction Y, transversal direction Z, vertical direction Now, I need to plot the radial and circunferencial stresses, my question is: Can I view these results just creating a local cylindrical system in Hyperview or i need change the system of my elements in the preprocessing? Thank you very much. BR
  3. Hi everybody. I have to solve a problem that contain two differents parts. I'm using abaqus solver and hypermesh for preprocessing. 1. First of one I need to know the temperatures due to apply a heat flux. 2. I want to know what stresses exists due to the temperatures field. I know that element type is differents for each analysis. Is there any way to read the temperature results and do the mechanical calculation? (Two different models) Is there any way to define sequential analysis in a single model using the same type of element? Thank you so much in advance. Best regards.
  4. Hi Roberta, First of all, thanks a lot for your quickly answer and your attached files. These have helped me a lot! Only one question more... Do you know how I can read from CAE results file the stresses in nodes? I only see the option to extract the data in elements. I do not know if there is an option where i can indicate the average method like in Hyperview. Best Regards, Adrián.
  5. Hi everybody! I need to read main stresses (in nodes average simple) with Altair Compose and post processing this stresses for a fatigue analysis. After all, I'd like to view the results obtained from script .oml with Hyperview. I don't know how I can do it. I've got the main stresses in elements with function readbuildervectot but I need it in nodes and I need to find a way to visualize the final results made with the scripts. Thanks a lot. Any advice is help for me.
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