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  1. srvemula

    License error

    I am trying to use HyperWorks 2017.2 Student Edition . I installed edu2017.2_win64.exe file from the email I received. Student Edition 2017.2 (Latest Version):HyperWorks Student Edition 2017.2 Windows Installer(x86, 64-bit) MD5: 15b746c46736a8cebb63db2e1a01a8c1 The Wifi is ON.
  2. srvemula

    License error

    I have got a new license after verifying the Ethernet address. Now they match but still the error is on. The error: Altair License Manager: License error Feature(s): GlobalZoneAM, HyperWorks, HWAutomate Error Code: 9 Error Description: Feature not found Feature: Automate Error Code: 9 Error Description: [LOCAL] C:\Program Files\Altair\2017.2-edu\security\altair_lic.dat - (Err: 9) Feature not found License Path: C:/Program Files/Altair/2017.2-edu/security/altair_lic.dat;C:\Program Files\Altair\2017.2-edu\security\altair_lic.dat The file is located in the security folder and I unhid the extensions and there is no .dat.dat (see attached) The Ethernet addresses are matching (see attached) old license is with Ethernet adapter Ethernet 2 (picked by your Altair host ID tool) and it gave the same error. (see attached) New License is with Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi and it gives me the same error. (see attached) Network Address is not present (someone said in forum so I checked it - see attached) I tried everything in the forum. Can you please provide me a solution? cmd.txt altair_lic.dat altair_lic_old.dat
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