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  1. thank you so much for your response and sharing the presentation file with me. Best regards,
  2. Dear Sir/Madam, I have question about defining a new geometry on FluxMotor. Is it possible to define dummy slot for the geometry? I have tried to edit the slot design (the source file=excel file) but I couldn't do that. In general, is it possible to define extra points and lines for the model? Can you help me for this? Thank you Best Regards.
  3. Dear sir/madam, I have tried to model a 24slots/38poles PMSM machine in FluxMotor. But the software does not accept combination Q<0.25. I have attached the example in FluxMotor, and winding information. Considering the advance part for the winding, it should not be a problem to define the winding. Is it possible to avoid this problem? NewMotor1_error_1912061510.zip Winding.xlsx
  4. i would be thankful if someone from Altair or other users help me.
  5. To explain the work, I want to model the short circuit on SynRM and PM-assisted SynRM machines. For each study, I need current to do signal analysis. I am aware that a proper way might be the co-simulation with MATLAB. However, as you know it would take a very long time to get the results with desired accuracy. A friend of mine has simulated SynRM machine using voltage source and gotten good results compared with experimental test. He used imposed speed and set the internal and external characteristic of the mechanical set. Is it correct to use the way my friend used for PM-assisted SynRM too? Unfortunately, I do not know how to set these numbers. I was wondering if you could give a reference for it. In addition, I have doubt whether this method is working for my study. Can you tell me whether there is any other way to do these studies? Thank you so much in advance to read my questions and for your help.
  6. I used Flux for all my simulations (the version is 2018). I run the simulation using current source, and after that calculated the voltage of the current source. I used the voltage in a voltage source and I expected that I get the value of my previous simulation with current source but the difference was very high. Let me ask you something general related to my problem. How can I model eccentricity/short circuit faults using Flux and get the current for motor Current signal analysis? I know that maybe my question is very general and it may not be a good question.
  7. Hi I have simulated my model using the current source and get the right answer compare to my reference. I need to use voltage source to model my motor and get the current for fault analysis (eccentricity/short circuit faults). When I used voltage source, I can't get the expected results and the current is extremely high. What is the solution to solve it?
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