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  1. Hi mvogel Can you also send them to me. behrang.tavaddode(at)indra.no Regards
  2. Hi is this available also in English?
  3. In the help file it says that "The user can either select a predefined air interface file (*.wst) which is available from AWE Communications for most of the common wireless technologies ", but I cannot find nor download the wst files to use with ProMan
  4. I have a dwg file which I want to import to FEKO I wanna know if the FEKO support it or I should change to dxf
  5. CADFEKO 2018.2-340009 (x64) src\portframework\gaia_PortConnectionTerminal.cpp (112): Assertion failed: pPortNode So what I did was that I deleted the full model and then I pressed undo (ctrl+z) and then it crashed agian .
  6. Hi Thank you so much, really appreciate it. Brian
  7. Is it possible to find the phase center (or group delay center )of the antenna with FEKO?
  8. here is the message CADFEKO 2018.1.1-332255 (x64) src\portannotation\cf_SolutionPortViewComponentInstance.cpp (187): Assertion failed: m_portAnnotationMap.contains(pPortGroup)
  9. Hi JIff Another bug if you are not aware, CAD FEKO crashes everytime I delete multiple objects from the model especially if there is a union involved.
  10. Hi JiF Thank you, I see if I avoid the Union at the end, the time for changing the parameter would be significantly faster. Another feature which is missing is the parameter sweep, right now it is possible through scripting maybe but an option is necessary.
  11. Hi Here is the model, for example try to delete one of the elements! it becomes worse and worse as the model gets more complicated. sq_param_model_11arr_2G4_75.cfx
  12. FEKO takes a long time when I change a parameter in the model which modifies the geometry. Especially if it an Array type when a parameter controls multiple objects. Is there going to be an Improvement on this weakness?
  13. Hi Peter Thank you for your time and response. Our main conundrum is the fact that by changing the loads the antenna pattern improves (less ripple) but it will increase the mismatch loss by changing the antenna impedance. I cannot judge that if we are gaining anything or they would cancel out each other those two effects. Do you have any explanation as to when to use the transmission line in the schematic view? I do not understand why there is no explanation about the loading in the help or examples.
  14. Hi I am making an antenna array, I have the following questions.I have simplified the model to 3 elements for this forum purpose. My array will have parasitic (passive) element which would be terminated in 50ohms (or other loads). In order to simulate this I have added this load to the wire ports which I created on all wires. The antenna pattern depends strongly on the load. It is not clear for me that when I should use the load. In one of the examples I saw they have used the transmission lines between the ports when making antenna arrays. Should the active ports also be loaded? (loading the active elements does not change the pattern but it does change the absolute gain). and a couple of stupid questions. I have not seen using the load in any of the examples. 2-What is the difference between vertex and segment wire ports, when should we use which one? 3-Why we have to make a union of the model, otherwise FEKO solver returns an error, although it passes the CEM validate . sq_param_model_3arr_2G4.cfx
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