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  1. How to create TCL file for tetra meshing for batch meshing ?
  2. any general procedure to do batchmesh?
  3. please give me some suggestions and ideas that help me to create the good mesh on any models..
  4. Thank you for your support.. after trying multiple ways in multiple times, I got feasible solution Thank you....
  5. I am trying to perform topography optimization on the model given in Altair learning and certification center. I am solving the model as per the procedure given there still I am getting the following error A fatal error has occurred during computations: *** ERROR # 151 *** Error accessing the scratch files: error encountered in subroutine "xdseex" Solver error no. = -710 index = 1 This may be caused by insufficient disk space or some other system resource related limitations. (e.g. The Operating System or NFS cannot handle file size > 2 GB.) This error was detected in subroutine splncz4. ... I have more than 80 gb of free space in a drive where I have stored this file please help me to over come this problem
  6. stil yet I have performed topology and free size optimization without any problem and also one model on topography. when i tried to perform topography optimization on slider model few iterations are happening but not getting the feasible solution and it is showing many errors. here I am attaching two images of two types of error I got please let me know whether I can share the model and procedure here. Thanks and Regards Tejas J
  7. hello, after performing optimization using Optistruct, in results I am able to see only element densities in result type but it is not showing element stress to check vonMises stress. please help me over come this problem thank you
  8. hello, I am not able to find maximum shear stress please help me to find in hyperview. it is only showing displacement and von mises stress tkank you...
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