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  1. Hey guys, thank you both for your quick replies. There's still a problem left. After entering the value for the first time and closing the window, I open the same window again by clicking on my button. The value I entered the first time seems to be stored somehow, because it's still appearing on the screen. Do you know how I can delete the value and clear the window? Kind regards, Simon
  2. Hey guys, I created a .tcl-script which opens a window where I can put in a reference temperature. After the value is entered, I would like the window to be closed automatically and hence to exit the program. I can't find any commands (like an exit-command) that work the way I want them to. Can you help me out on this topic? Kind regards, Simon Attached you can find the script: convert.tcl
  3. Hey guys, as the title already says I'm looking for a macro which saves the nodes of a whole component into a nodelist automatically. In the end the command *plotnodelist is used and needs a nodelist to execute the program. Do you have any ideas how this could work? Kind regards and thanks in advance, Simon
  4. Thank you! Even though the dialog is now showing up, an error occurs saying we got a bad window path name after pressing the search button. Do you have an idea what's wrong here? Kind regards, Simon Please find the screenshot attached.
  5. Hey guys, I created a .tcl-script, which I normally open with the active-tcl program. The script works as it is supposed to be and opens a GUI, where several buttons can used to do calculations etc.. In the next step, I created a button in HyperMesh and want my .tcl-script to be started by pressing this button. The problem is that the window I used to have when I've started the script by active-tcl doesn't appear when I use HyperMesh. Can you help me out with this problem? Thanks in advance, kind regards and greetings from Germany Simon You can find the script here:convert.tcl
  6. It's finally working. Thank you so much, you helped us a lot.
  7. Thank you for your quick reply. Using the Matrix Browser for querying the curve data only gives me the Curve Id. How can I get to the gpstresses of the curve? Attached you'll find Screenshots of the model (all stresses of the blue component should be exported, is it also possible to do it with a curve?) and the information of the curve in the Matrix Browser. Kind regards, Simon
  8. Hey guys, I want to export nodal stresses from a model given in HyperMesh and write them into a .csv-file. The important thing is to only use HyperMesh, because I want to run a .tcl-script to customize and automate this procedure in a following step. Do you have any ideas how this could work without using HyperView or any other post-processing tool? Besides, I was wondering if it's possible to start a Thermal Analysis and placing the thermal load on elements - and not on nodes how it is usually done. Could somebody help me out here? Thanks in advance and Greetings from Germany Simon
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